First ‘1923’ Pictures Released: Harrisonord and Helen Mirren Star in Yellowstone Spinoff

The arrival of another generation of the Dutton family! irst look pictures 1923Introduction to the hit Paramount drama Yellowstone, they were released. The photographs show members of the Dutton family a century before John Dutton III took charge of the Yellowstone Dutton ranch in Montana.

1923 It is set to premiere on Paramount+ on December 18, 2022. While the series’ trailer is eagerly awaited, images at first sight offer a glimpse into the show’s lead characters. Read on to see the photos and learn more about the show.

1923irst look photos revealed

The first look photos were released by Vanityair, which highlight the main stars of the show, Harrisonord, who plays Jacob Dutton and Helen Mirren who plays Kara Dutton. The first photo highlights their romance as they stand on their farm as Jacob kisses Kara’s forehead.

The head of the family is seen showing off his costume in another photo, posing in a suit with a button-down jacket and a white cowboy hat. A gun can also be seen hanging from his coat. In the third picture, he is standing with his horse. Meanwhile, Cara is seen in a chic purple dress as she looks out onto the farm in various shots.

The show will investigate a new time in American history

Upon revealing the images, the stars also spoke about the show’s story and revealed that it will be dealing with a new time in American history when citizens are pushed to their limits. “Datons live by a code of conduct that they set for themselves and that requires complex moral judgment,” he said. Harrisonord.

“It is not only material life that is difficult. The challenges they face from modernity, the challenges to their way of life, to their freedom and the opportunities they have enjoyed, are a big part of the story. The coming economic depression and all the economic and social pressures lead to this very volatile time in history American”.

Speaking about her andord’s character, Helen Mirren said, “You need someone who can make decisions, hopefully make the right decisions, but at least make the decision and go for it—in other words, a leader. That’s what brought them into this position to run the farm and run the family.” .

1923 It is the second progressive presentation based on Yellowstone

The show is the second show for a new western drama after it 1883which premiered on Paramount+ earlier this year and followed the lives of another generation of the Dutton family. 1923 Created by Taylor Sheridanwho also created Yellowstone And the 1883.

The show was initially planned to run for only one season, covering Dutton’s life during the Great Depression and Prohibition. However, it has now been split into two seasons to tell the story in a more detailed manner.

Ford and Mirren will join the cast, which includes Sebastien RocherAnd the Darren ManAnd the Michelle Randolph and James Badge DaleAnd the Marley SheltonAnd the Brian GeraghtyAnd the Brandon SklnerAnd the Robert Patrick, JeromelynnAnd the Jennifer Eyl and Timothy Dalton.

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