Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump married Michael Paul in Mar-a-Lago

It’s an extended celebration for the Trump family as former President Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump, 29, married Lebanese-American businessman Michael Pauls, after nearly two years of their engagement, and four years of dating.

As Donald Trump prepares to announce his 2024 presidential run, Tiffany’s wedding has become a mood lifter for a Republican who was upset about the midterm elections. But guess what? Tiffany is not like her father and certainly not a popular divider. Read on to find out about her big day.

Gorgeous wedding in Mar-a-Lago

Tiffany Trump, 29, the daughter of former President Donald Trump and actress Marla Maples, married her longtime lover Michael Paul at family club Mar-a-Lago three days before Donald announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.

Adds a social source, “Tiffany has never been a barrier between people,” noting that all members of the Trump family were present. “This is a happy family occasion. The bride was seen wearing a white Elie Saab gown for the wedding. What makes her wedding dress special is that she chose it as a nod to Paul’s legacy.

“It’s an American-Lebanese wedding, so we were so happy that Elie Saab creates the magic,” says Maples, who wore an Elie Saab gown for the mother-of-the-bride look. However, the couple’s wedding cake was an imitation of Sylvia Weinstock’s 7-foot-tall wedding cake.

At one point, Tiffany was eyeing Greece as the location for a second wedding, having decided to “hold the main celebration in the United States at Mar-a-Lago, less than two hours north of the couple’s current Miami residence.”

Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, stated, “We focus on this sacred union and welcome beloved friends and family, not politics. She revealed that they chose the place privately because “this was Tiffany’s childhood home and where she was brought into the world.” She walked down the aisle with her father.

Michael Bols, a wealthy Lebanese-American businessman, is the heir to the multi-billion dollar SCOA PLC, which operates several businesses across West Africa. He proposed to Tiffany at the White House Rose Garden with a $1.2 million diamond ring.

Tiffany and Michael’s eternal love…

Tiffany Trump and Michael Pauls started dating in 2018, after meeting at the Lindsay Lohan Club in Mykonos, Greece. The two became engaged in January 2021, following riots at the US Capitol. They announced the news a day before Donald Trump left office.

“I have been privileged to celebrate so many historic milestones and occasions and create memories with my family here at the White House, and nothing is more special than my wonderful speech to my fiancé Michael!eeling so blessed and excited for the next chapter!” Wrotealong with a photo of her and Paul smiling together on the White House floor.

As for Tiffany, she is not like her father. or most of his tenure, she was out of the public eye and did not form part of Trump’s inner circle. Several news outlets reported that she had spent months without speaking to her father. One source spoke in 2018: “Their relationship has always been strained throughout her life, exacerbated by the presidency.”

I grew up in Calabasas, California far from the craziness of Donald Trump. Maples previously said, “That was my choice, to elevate her out of the spotlight.” As for Donald Trump, he is preparing to announce his candidacy for the presidency. In recent months, Donald has held rallies around the United States, falsely claiming he won the 2020 presidential election while supporting far-right candidates competing in the midterm elections, and losing to Democrats in important areas.

Tiffany, 29, is the daughter of former President Donald Trump and actress Marla Maples, who were married from 1993 to 1999, and Ivanka’s half-sister, Don Jr, and Eric and Barron Trump. Donald may be creepy, but this daughter is “not a people splitter.” We wish the newlyweds a happy married life.

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