Black Panther 2:ilming Locations Where was the Superhero movie filmed?

Marvel’s latest superhero journey, Black Panther: Wakandaorever, is a sequel to the blockbuster 2018 Black Panther movie. The film, released on November 11, takes on the legacy of frontman Chadwick Boseman, the original heroine, who died before filming began in 2020.

Audiences now appreciate the cast’s performance, intense storyline, and stunning visuals. Given the amazing scenes, many fans are now wondering where the film will be filmed. Well, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out all about the Marvel movie filming locations.

Black Panther:orever Wakandailming Locations

Black Panther: Wakandaorever has been filmed extensively in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico. ilming began in June 2021. However, filming had to be stopped several times due to various crew members contracting Covid-19. Cameras began appearing again in January 2022 and filming finally concluded on March 24.

Here are the details of all the locations where Black Panther was filmed: Wakandaorever:

Brunswick, Georgia

Some of the film’s sequences were filmed in Brunswick, Georgia. The cast and crew were seen filming at 10 Street around Mary Ross Waterfront Park. The venue was used to film some underwater scenes, and many fans also saw a 300-foot cruise ship being used for recording works.

The waterfront also includes the Liberty Ship Memorial Plaza, a theater, an open-air musical theater, and a farmers’ market. Brunswick is an important coastal city and the second largest metropolitan area on the Georgia coast.

Atlanta, Georgia

Much of Black Panther: Wakandaorever was filmed in Atlanta, the capital and most populous city in Georgia. The cast and crew reportedly shot the Trilith Studios at 461 Sandy Creek Road in the city. The studio was initially called Pinewood Atlanta, and consisted of 24 different stages.

The studio also contains facilities such as workshops, offices, backyards, and 400 acres of landscape, making it ideal for shooting various projects. Atlanta is known as the city of the jungle and is home to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The film team set up camp around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at 77 Massachusetts Street in Cambridge to shoot a number of scenes. Registration took place outside the Stratton Student Center and Simmons Hole at the institute.

Cambridge is the fourth most populous city in Massachusetts, named after the University of Cambridge in England. The city is known for its museums, historical buildings, and world-class universities.

Worcester and Boston, Massachusetts

Aside from Cambridge, the crew also recorded scenes in some other cities in Massachusetts, including Worcester and Boston. A car chase scene was reportedly filmed in the Ernest A. Johnson Tunnel in Worcester in August 2021. Another chase scene was filmed on the Harvard Bridge connecting Boston to Cambridge.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

In March 2022, the team traveled to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, to shoot the film’s final schedule. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Casino on Avenida Los Gobernadores, Carolina was privately used as a production site.

Puerto Rico is known for its history, culture, and peaceful beaches, casinos, and nightclubs. The place also houses some Spanish colonial buildings and huge forts.

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