Sidney Sweeney is disgusted by fans who posted nude photos of ‘Ecstasy’, naming her family

Sidney Sweeney is disgusted by her fans for sending her nude photos of “Euphoria” to her family. Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard on the popular series, stated that some fans took snapshots of nude pictures shown in season one and uploaded them to Instagram. Not only that, but they also tagged her family members. She described the work as “disgusting and unfair”.

Not hiding from negativity…

Sidney Sweeney, known for playing famous student Cassie Howard in Euphoria, has criticized fans for doing something truly disgusting. If you watched this series, you might realize that Cassie’s nude videos are circulating all over the school in season one. Well, the fans left no chance to take screenshots of those photos and upload them to Instagram.

In a recent interview, Sydney stated: “It got to the point where they were putting tags on my family. My cousins ​​don’t need it. It’s disgusting and unfair.” She further explained, “You have a character who comes under scrutiny for being a sexist in school and then an audience who does the same,” referring to her role in the popular series.

In the same interview, Sydney stated that all this negativity did not make her hide, but rather dealt with the situation. Speaking of her character, Sydney revealed that she’s “so silly” that she’s an artist and she plays the characters. This particular action makes her want to “play the characters that irritate people the most.”

Regarding her nude scenes, the 25-year-old actress has been very candid. The “White Lotus” star revealed in a previous interview that there were several instances in which she tried to separate her character from “Euphoria” after seeing this footage. She explained to her fans that she is a completely different person from her own, and that she does not approve of nudity.

Is the Sydney family a supporter of the right wing?

Sometimes Sidney Sweeney confuses me with her double standards. Her real life is completely different from the liberating roles she plays. This isn’t the first time the actress has wrapped up in a controversy. In August, Sydney posted a series of photos from her mother’s 60th birthday.

The pictures depicted that Sydney and her family organized a private party, however, many on social media considered it a political statement and questioned the statistics of her photos that went viral at the time. In the photos, her family and friends are seen wearing some of the guests wearing red MAGA-style “Make Sixty Great Again” hats, much like the headdress worn by Donald Trump supporters. Some people wore “blue life is important” merchandise.

In this regard, Sydney faced a major backlash for having political leanings, calling the star and her family “right-wing” supporters. However, Sydney came forward to respond to the criticism and tweeted: “Guys, this is barbaric. An innocent celebration of my mum’s 60th birthday has turned into a ridiculous political statement, and that wasn’t the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Lots of love to everyone ♥️ and birthday Happy mom.”

A two-time Primetime Emmy Awards nominee is learning about being a celebrity the hard way. Previously, she had spoken about her financial anxiety and said that if she wanted to take a six-month vacation, she had no income to cover it or any support from her family. Her comments sparked controversy, simply because she lives in a $3 million home. Well, this was pretty harsh because she was expressing “financial anxiety while talking about wanting to take parental leave”.

“I’ve always wanted to be a little mom,” she told the newspaper. “I was worried that if I didn’t work, there would be no money and no support for the kids I would have. Well, being. Celebrities come with their share of negatives. Sydney faces them all and learns them the hard way. What do you think of this latest controversy?”