The Imperfects will not return for season 2, the show that Netflix canceled after the first season

The Imperfects, one of Netflix’s latest supernatural excursions, has been canceled by the streaming giant after just one season. This news comes just two months after the show premiered on the platform on September 8.

The detractors followed three young men who underwent an experiment and experienced horrific side effects. Then they went on a mission to find a cure and hunt down the scientist who performed the experiment. Read on to find out more about the show’s fate.

The Imperfects that Netflix canceled after one season

On Tuesday, November 8, Netflix announced that The Imperfects would not be returning for a second season because they canceled the show. The streaming platform sees a number of factors to determine the show’s fate, including the number of hours watched and the cost behind the series’ production.

According to sources, it seems that Netflix did not notice enough interest among the audience for the first season, which led to its cancellation. The streaming giant, which recently canceled a lot of shows, is now under fire from fans of the show on social media.

The first season received mixed reactions

The Imperfects premiered in September and received mixed reviews from critics. Although the show has a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, its score is just 6.1 on IMDB, based on around 1500 reviews.

In its first week of appearance, the season ranked third on the list of the top 10 English titles on Netflix. Viewership grew 45% in the following week, but fell by almost 64% in the third week, dropping out of the top ten. Between September 8 and September 25, the show aired for 71.85 million hours.

Many attribute the poor performance of the display to the poor marketing strategy followed. The trailer for the show and its release date was revealed just a week before its premiere, with many audience members missing out on details.

The flaw was promoted as a “come of wrath” story.

Created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, The Imperfects follows the story of three twenty-somethings in Seattle: Abe, a scientist; Tilda, singer, and Juan, comic book artist. The three undergo experimental gene therapy and accidentally turn into monsters.

The trio then decide to find Dr. Alex Sarkoff, the scientist responsible for their transformation, and hunt him down, in an attempt to return to their human selves again. In their mission, they were joined by scientist Dr. Sidney Burke.

The first 10-episode season was greenlit by Netflix in April 2021, with Nomadic Pictures producing the series. It stars Italia Ricci as Dr. Sidney Burke, Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Webber, Rihanna Jagpal as Abby Singh, Inaki Godoy as Juan Ruiz, Kira Zagorsky as Isabelinch and Jeddia Godacre as PJ.

They are joined by Reiss Nicholson as Dr. Alex Sarkoff, Dr. Halenbeck, Selena Martin as Hannah Moore, Jonessa Lagotin as Darcy Coburg, Ron Salmore as Jim Reston, Ricka Sharma as Dr. Dominic Crane, Max Lloyd-Jones as Doug, and John Cassini as Dr. Brian Yek.

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