Morrisons extends Heinz free meal offer until end of November

The supermarket offers hot meals to those who want it through its cafes spread across the country

Morrisons offers its free hot meals to anyone who wants or needs it at its coffee shops across the country.

The supermarket teamed up with Heinz last month to offer customers a freebie in celebration of founder Henry J Heinz.

This means shoppers can get a completely free Heinz Beanz at any of Morrisons 397 cafes across the UK by simply ‘ordering Henry’ at a later date. Those who use the secret phrase at any supermarket café will receive a potato and bean jacket at no cost.

The free meals are open to anyone with no questions asked, and come as part of Heinz’s commitment to help end food poverty, which includes a long-standing partnership with Charity Magic breakfast.

Haynes had hoped the show would be good for families when the kids were on the October midterm holiday, as well as anyone else who needed it, and after such a positive campaign response, the show has now been extended through the end of November.

Morrisons offers free hot meals to anyone who wants or needs them across their coffee shops (Image: PA)

How long will free meals be available?

The show launched on October 26 and was scheduled to end on November 6, but has now been extended until November 27. Offer is limited to one meal per customer per day while stocks last.

Heinz hopes the extension will come in handy for anyone who might need it, and Morrisons aims to offer more than 160,000 free meals across its cafes while the deal awaits.

Customers can get a free hot meal by “ordering Henry” at a later time (Image: PA)

Sian Whittle, category manager at Morrisons Cafés, said: “We know our customers are under real financial pressure at the moment and are therefore pleased to partner with Heinz on the Ask Henry initiative to provide customers with a free covered potato jacket with Beanz.”

Heinz will also donate 100,000 meals to the charity Magic Breakfast to help feed children at risk of starting Hunger Day in the UK.

Jogo de Noronha, Head of Northern Europe at Heinz, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the ‘Ask Henry’ initiative with our partner Morrisons. That is why we are pleased to announce today that it will open for an additional three weeks.

“We believe that everyone deserves the good, comfort, and warmth that a Heinz Beanz caddy can offer, and we hope that the extension of the ‘Henry’s Request’ initiative will be useful at this difficult time, and will encourage anyone who may feel they need or want it to come forward and demand it, without asking any Questions “.

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