Find Out The Net Worth Of Sport Psychologist

Hillary Cauthen:ind Out The Net Worth Of Sport Psychologist

Former San Antonio Spurs sports psychologist Hillary Cauthen is worth more than $1.2 million. She also serves as Texas Optimal Performance & Psychological Services, LLC’s Director of Performance Services.

As the Chief Psychology Officer of Blu Chip Analytics and a founding member, she has also developed her knowledge and skills. The psychologist also makes enormous profits from a variety of investments.

Following the filing of a lawsuit against the club and its former security guard Josh Primo, Hillary is currently in the news. According to Bleacher Report, they will also be the subject of a criminal complaint for a number of counts of indecent exposure.

Dr. Cauthen asserted that Primo frequently made himself vulnerable to her in front of the media on Thursday in Houston. The lawsuit, which was filed in Bexar County, Texas, and the anticipated criminal complaint were made public by attorney Tony Buzbee six days after the Spurs dismissed Primo and around 10 months after the initial incident.

Hillary Cauthen

Net Worth of Hillary Cauthen

A psychologist, director, and co-founder of numerous commercial organisations, Hillary Cauthen has accumulated a net worth of more than $1.2 million. She even spent many years working for the renowned NBA franchise San Antonio Spurs.

Through her involvement in numerous businesses, the former San Antonio consultant has amassed a substantial financial empire. Additionally, she has a sizable following on social media, where she advertises her products and those of other companies with which she is involved.

She is a native of the American city of Austin, Texas. She received her M.S. in Kinesiology Sport Studies, Sport Behavior & Performance from Miami University after receiving her B.S. and B.A. in psychology from the University of New Hampshire.

She graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles with a Psy.D. and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology.

When Cauthen first began her work, she focused mostly on athletic psychology. She has 13 years of experience applying mental skill training with groups, organisations, and people.

While Hillary’s research focuses on the psychological health of athletes, her professional practise is therapeutic sport psychology services.

According to Dr. Cauthen, she is interested in the athletic attitude and strategies to strengthen one’s “heart” and inner drive to achieve their own goals. One can start to appreciate the value of mental toughness while pushing oneself to the physical boundaries.

Hillary firmly supports the idea of embracing personal development, improving performance, and enlarging passion. Her objective is to comprehend your situation and offer you evidence-based care that will help you develop personally and become more independent.

Hillary Cauthen, a former consultant in San Antonio, reportedly earns $173,308 year.
According to reports, former San Antonio consultant Hillary Cauthen makes $173308 from her work as a psychologist. She has more than ten years of expertise in her industry.

A psychologist in the United States earns an average salary of $117,202 a year, according to Indeed.com. There were 3.3k salaries that had been documented as of November 1, 2022. Over 10 years of experience might earn a psychologist $173308.

Additionally, Hillary receives compensation from a variety of different businesses and organisations, including Texas Optimal Performance & Psychological Services, Blu Chip Analytics, and Living Mental Wellness.

She reportedly made more money than the typical consultant during her time in San Antonio, however her pay, bonuses, and other incentives have not yet been made public.

Hillary Cauthen’s Career

In her early years of employment, Dr. Hillary Cauthen focused mostly on sports psychology. She has more than ten years of experience imparting mental skill development to people, groups, and organisations.

After filing a complaint against the club for the mistreatment, Dr. Cauthen withdrew her experience as a professional sports consultant with San Antonio from LinkedIn.

She is a licenced psychologist associate in Texas in addition to being registered in the USOC Sport Psychology Registry and trained as a mental performance consultant.

Since 2017, Hillary has held the position of Chief Psychology Officer at Blu Chip Analytics, where she was a founding member. She also founded Living Mental Wellness with a partner.

Dr. Cauthen formerly served as the Southwest Regional Student Representative and on the website content committee. She presently belongs to the American Psychological Association, APA-Division 47, and the Ethics Committee. Additionally, she heads the CMPC Taskorce and is a member of the Mental Health SIG.

In Austin, Texas, she is a co-owner of Texas Optimal Performance & Psychological Services, LLC. She also teaches at Texas State University’s psychology department and the graduate sports psychology programme at JFKU.

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Biography Hillary Cauthen

Hillary Cauthen, the founder of Texas Optimal Performance & Psychological Services (TOPPS), currently serves as the director of performance services for the business. TOPPS was founded in November 2015 with the intention of providing assistance to sports teams and individual athletes.

Her primary area of expertise is in the field of psychology, which she mostly teaches as an adjunct professor at Texas State University and John. Kennedy University in the sports psychology department of California.

Hillary specialises in providing therapeutic services in the field of sport psychology as part of her practical practise, in addition to the research she does on the mental health of athletes and performing artists.

In a similar vein, she is a member of the USOPC Sport Psychology Registry, in addition to being a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Texas and a Certified Mental Performance Consultant.

Additionally, Cauthen is heavily involved in the field of sport psychology and holds leadership positions on a number of committees for the Organization for Applied Sport Psychology and the American Psychological Association’s Division 47.

She received her degree from the University of New Hampshire.

According to the information that can be found on her LinkedIn page, Cauthen graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2006 with bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and kinesiology.

On the other hand, she holds a Master of Science degree in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Sport Studies, Sport Behavior and Performance, all of which she earned from Miami University Sports Studies in Kinesiology.

Hillary attended The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, where she earned both her doctorate and master’s degree in clinical psychology.

In addition to this, she is the Chairperson of the Mental Health Special Interest Group, as well as a member of the Ethics Committee and the role of Secretary-Treasurer for the CMPC Taskorce. In addition to that, she is currently the Membership Chair for the APA’s Division 47.

Who Is Shawn Cauthen, Hillary Cauthen’s Husband?

Shawn Cauthen, Hillary Cauthen’s husband, received his degree in radio, television, and film from the University of Texas in Austin, where he also attended school.

Her hubby got his start in the industry by putting in long hours on the sets of independent films and music videos. Early in his career, MTV came to town looking for casting associates, and he leaped at the chance to work for them. Eventually, he worked his way up to become a camera operator.

After moving to Los Angeles, he discovered that he was there during the busiest part of the pilot season. Even more impressively, he worked alongside Coolio on a pilot for a show called Celebrity Jury.

He was fortunate enough to land a job almost immediately in the field of entertainment journalism, where he worked on red carpets, conducted interviews at junkets, and assisted in the production of television shows that covered worldwide entertainment news.

In addition to this, he established a YouTube channel, which currently has over 3/4 billion views and over 1.4 million subscribers.

After exploring a variety of advertising opportunities forrito Lay’s Doritos, he started producing, shooting, and editing his first documentary, which was eventually purchased by Hulu. This gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion for narrative more deeply.

Hillary Cauthen’s Age

Born on August 22, 1983, Hillary Cauthen is currently 39 years old and has a birthday of that date. Her hometown is Austin, which is located in the state of Texas in the United States.

According to a photo that was uploaded by her partner on August 24 with the caption “wishing her a good birthday and stating that his girlfriend is 38 today,” the age was determined.

Shawn, her spouse, was born onebruary 14, 1983 in Nederland, Texas, in the United States of America.

In a similar manner, he was born to his parents, Terry and Karen Cauthen, who currently live in Port Arthur, Texas. His grandparents were also named Terry and Karen. Christy Cauthen is his sister, and her name is also Cauthen.

Hillary Cauthen’s Siblings

Hillary Cauthen Is A Mother To A Total Ofour Kids.

Cauthen and her husband, Shawn, have been blessed with four lovely daughters: Bella, Brooklyn, Piper, and London. Cauthen is a devoted mother to all of her children.

Bella, who is 10 years old, is their eldest daughter, followed by Brooklyn, who is eight, Piper, who is six, and London, who is two.

Hillary has two Instagram accounts: @drcmindset and @hillstex, which is now set to private mode. @drcmindset has a small number of posts that are related to her personal life.

Due to the fact that the majority of her husband’s photos are tagged with her second Instagram id, it would appear that she uses this account to display aspects of her personal life on Instagram.

The Mother-In-Law of Cauthen’sather TWFG Insurance Is Owned By Terry, Who Is Also The Branch Owner.
Terry and Karen Cauthen are Hillary’s future in-laws. They are Shawn Cauthen’s parents. Since October of 2008, her father-in-law has been employed by TWFG Insurance in the capacity of branch owner.

In a nutshell, TWFG Insurance is an independent insurance business that is located in Port Arthur, Texas. The organisation takes an active role in its community, supporting charitable causes and giving back to those individuals and organisations that have placed their faith in it.

Before establishing his own company, Terry worked for American National Insurance for close to 32 years in the capacity of Assistant General Agent. In a similar vein, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Lamar University and is a graduate of that institution.

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The Evidence Presented Against Josh Primo byormer Spurs Psychologist Hillary Cauthen

According to The New York Post, Cauthen has filed a lawsuit against the squad and its former guard, Josh Primo, who will also face many accusations of indecent exposure in a criminal complaint. The lawsuit was filed after Primo exposed himself in a sexually explicit manner.

On Thursday, she made her allegations against Primo known during a news conference held in Houston. She stated that he had repeatedly exposed himself to her.

According to Cauthen, attorney Tony Buzbee divulged the action filed in Bexar County, Texas, as well as the imminent complaint, six days after the Spurs terminated Primo’s employment and around 10 months after the initial incident.

According to what Cauthen said, the first time Primo showed her his genitalia was toward the end of December 2021. According to Buzbee, she informed the general manager of the Spurs, Brian Wright, about the occurrence in the month of January 2022.

Primo’s attorney, William J. Briggs II, stated to The Athletic that the allegations were “either complete fiction, a huge exaggeration, or sheer imagination.” He also referred to the allegations as “a great exaggeration.”

Primo did not “consciously disclose himself to her or anybody else,” as stated by Briggs, and he was unaware that his private parts were visible outside of his training shorts.

On the other hand, Cauthen asserts that she was the one who was penalised, not Primo, who was a lottery choice in 2021, and that she felt this way because the team repeatedly encouraged her to work from home or to avoid the facilities where she was employed.

Hillary Cauthen
Hillary Cauthen

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Quickacts About Hillary Cauthen

Age 39 years old
Born on August 22, 1983
Residence Austin, Texas, United States
Husband Shawn Cauthen
Kids Bella, Brooklyn, Piper, and London
In-Laws Terry and Karen Cauthen

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