Submachine gun kelly dating history: list of all girlfriends

Since the beginning of his career, Machine Gun Kelly has been romantically linked to a few different stars as well. His relationship with his ex-wife Amber Rose was the most PR he was involved in until he started a serious relationship with Meganox, his co-star in “Midnight in the Switchgrass”.

After confirming their relationship status as a married couple in June 2020, the two began their romantic journey and are now halfway to their wedding.

kelly submachine gun dating history

As one of the most wanted talents in the movie industry, Machine Gun Kelly happens to have a romantic life that is also in high demand as one of the most sought after talents.

The 32-year-old, who is considered one of the biggest stars in the world today, has dated many celebrities throughout his life, including some you might not have known before that he dated.

Realizing that the true love of his life may have finally found him in this world is one of the biggest things MGK has been through. Below is a list of all MGK pairs over the years. We’ve discussed whether these couples are a dating relationship, a bonding, or just MGK’s close friend.

Machine gun Kelly and Emma Cannon

It is widely believed that MGK and Emma Cannon are married. However, this has not been confirmed or denied, so it is still difficult to determine whether this is true.

The couple shares a daughter named Cassie. However, not much is known about the two, including the date they met and the date of their split.

Submachine gun Kelly and Amber Rose – Dated 2015

As far as MGK PR is concerned, this is probably the most PR I’ve ever had. In a casual dating relationship, he dated Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose for a short time in 2015.

As far as he was interested, their relationship was completely normal at the time. But unfortunately, only two months after they started dating, their romance was ended due to their busy work schedules.

Submachine gun Kelly and Halsey – dated 2017

After photos of Kelly and the New Jersey native were posted on social media in 2017, there was speculation that they were dating. This was after photos surfaced showing them on the beach.

He confirmed his intimate relationship with the “Graveyard” singer the following year. Then, in October 2019, Halsey started dating Evan Peters, the man she met in October 2019, and ended up splitting from J. Eazy, whom she broke up with in 2018.

Submachine gun Kelly and Chantel Jeffries – dated in 2019

It was reported that the musicians were linked in July 2019, and it was noted that they were strolling together on Broadway in downtown New York shortly thereafter. However, there was no confirmation or denial of Jeffries and Kelly’s relationship when it happened.

Machine gun Kelly and Kate Beckinsale – dated in 2020

The Van Helsing actress sparked romance rumors with Big Time Adolescence star right after the New Year. These are good friends of former Beckinsale Pete Davidson, one of the biggest movie stars.

They were spotted together at several subsequent parties in Los Angeles during and after the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. Then, as night approached, they hopped together in a car and left.

However, a source then told us that the couple did not engage in any physical activity and did not show signs of PDA with each other. Several days later, Beckinsale clarified all the rumors regarding her relationship with Breeze. Instead, she told online trolls, “Please have a king’s life.”

Submachine gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus were dated in the year 2020

The Ohio native was seen showing off his personal digital assistant during the 2020 Grammy Awards after-party in January when the “Make Me (Cry)” singer attended him.

When they arrived at the event, according to a source inside the event, the duo made their way through the crowd holding each other’s hands.

An eyewitness reported that they stayed close to each other all night, although he could not see them. They both happened on the same day since their date was on the same day.

Submachine gun Kelly and Summer Ray – dated 2017

The Nerve actor and fitness model have apparently been dating since at least March of last year, when he retweeted two side-by-side photos of the couple. One is from a Wild N’ Out look, and the other is from kissing three years later.

In Kelly’s words, she wrote: “The second photo is a complete breach of privacy.” On his birthday, a month after the couple separated, he wrote in aacebook post, “She came and picked up all her things for my birthday.” He added, “It’s beautiful.”

Submachine gun Kelly and Meganox – dated from 2020 to date

As they were seen together in Los Angeles, the cast of Midnight in the Switchgrass turned their heads when they were spotted together. After ten years of marriage, Green andox announced their separation three days before his separation fromox was confirmed.

A source confirmed that actor and actress BH90210 are indeed a married couple. This is despite the actor claiming that they were just friends when asked about their relationship.

The source added, “Meghan considers MGK to be an amazing guy, and their relationship has turned into something more romantic as a result.” It was later revealed thatox appeared on Kelly’s latest single, “Bloody Valentine”, which was accompanied by a steamy music video.

Fox and MGK had a short vacation in Puerto Rico on January 11 when MGK asked them the question. He asked her to marry him in the same place where they met. As a result, she said yes to the proposal.

The couple had fun together, and hopefully their love increases daily as they continue together. Our observation will give you a better understanding of these celebrities.

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