Travis Parker honors his blue dog with an adorable new tattoo

“Blue,” Travis Parker’s late dog, is the subject of his latest tattoo honoring his memory and telling his life story. In the wake of the loss of their pet, the drummer and his daughter were in deep grief.

The Blink-182 drummer shared a photo on Instagram showing the new ink, which he described as showing Blue’s face.

Travis got a tattoo that showed a blue face on his thigh

Travis Parker has stated publicly, “He loves dogs more than people,” so we have no idea how heartbroken he was when the belovedrench Bulldog Blue passed away.

As part of his tribute to his furry friend, the blink-182 drummer has shared a new tattoo depicting his furry friend in the most meaningful way possible. In a collection of photos and videos he shared with his followers, he documented the image creation process and showcased the result: the Blue image.

“Grateful for this tattoo_dr_woo_ honoring my son Blue,” he captioned the gif he posted on his social media account.

The sad news was announced earlier this week by Travis and Alabama

The sad news about Travis Alabama’s daughter was announced by Travis earlier this week on his Instagram account. “I will miss you, Blue. You were the best dog.” I was always waiting for you to say something. I love you 4 forever boy.”

There was great devastation for Travis Parker and his daughter Alabama as they dealt with the death of Bleu, their belovedrench country. The color blue was put to rest last night. Since Alabama was a little girl, Blue has played a very important role in her life.

Travis Parker was seen walking out of a veterinary facility with his daughter, Alabama. They looked miserable and held each other tightly on Wednesday, according to people who saw the two hang out together. As Alabama, who was 16 at the time, was wiping her tears away with a bag of dog toys, she screamed into the bag.

Father and daughter wore matching sunglasses, black sweatshirts, and shorts, and they strolled together, wearing matching jackets, shorts, and track pants. Having lost their beloved companion, they reach a shallow point in their lives due to the loss of their beloved dog. There is a strong possibility that Bleu, who appears to be in his first year, may have been neglected by them. This is based on their Instagram stories shared many hours after they broke up with him.

Who is Travis Parker?

Travis Parker Not everyone carries drumsticks! Known as the ‘first super drummer’ by Rolling Stone magazine, he reaffirmed the importance of drums in music.

Since he was four years old, Parker has been playing drums. Over time, he perfected the art and honed his skills only to become a world-class drummer. As a drummer, Parker played foreeble, a school band. ind out more options after theeeble split. In the end, he found a place with The Aquabats. During his time as a fill-in for Rayne at Blink-182, his career took a major turn, and he was soon recruited into the band.

Their songs became rookie records after another. Parker has also collaborated with hip-hop artists, alternative rock band +44, rap rock group The Transplants, and alternative rock band Box Car Racer. 2011 saw the release of his solo effort, “Give the Drummer Some”. He also owns a clothing company and a record label.

Travis Parker got a new artwork, Blue’sace, as part of his new tattoo. It shows how much he loves his pet and how much he cares about him. If you were a drummer, how would you feel about the tattoo he has on his arm?