Watch Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii Video

The Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii Video is down below – Recently, it was speculated that Canadian Twitch star xQc and UK streamer NYXXII are in a relationship which they confirmed on November 1. This is shortly after xQc shut down the rumors that he and Adept were dating again. It became clear to both of them when NYYXXII made a cameo on NYY’s stream on November 1 that they are more than friends.

On October 31, Adept went to xQc’s house early in the morning and had some drama with his former long-term partner over an unresolved matter. The fact that Adept implied she owned xQc’s McLaren supercar caused a lot of anger among his fans, even though they appear to be on good terms.


As many of you know, NYYXXII is an English Twitch streamer with over 300,000 followers. He appeared on a podcast/dating show where he interacted with xQc (at least publicly).

After she appeared onelix’s broadcast and spamming the term “W Rizz” – a term popularized by Kai Cenat’s stream – fans guessed there might be something going on between them.

Before answering questions from the chat, the pair discussed xQc’s latest stream. It is widely accepted that xQc’s fans are content with him, regardless of the drama revolving his past relationship. Some joked that xQc kissed a mirror because of their comparable hairstyles.

As she left the room, xQc playfully said, “I’m on my grindset,” and walked out. Right after, I turned off NYYXXI’s headphones so I could listen touture’s song quietly.

Watch Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii Video