Gemma Arterton is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Rory Keenan

Gemma Arterton is going to be a mom soon! The actress is expecting her first child with husband Rory Keenan. While rumors of her pregnancy have been going on for some time now, Arterton herself confirmed the news at a recent event.

The 36-year-old star, who became famous as a Bond girl in 2008 How much consolation, at the Raindanceilmestival Awards, on Thursday, where she appeared on her baby bump. Read on to find out more about the exciting news.

Gemma Arterton confirms pregnancy

Arterton was spotted cuddling her baby as she walked the Raindanceilm Awards red carpet. The future mom is putting on her fashion game as she rocks the maternity look in a black button-down shirt. She paired it with a high-waisted skirt. The actress posed for a smile while holding her baby bump.

Arterton accessorized her look with a gold bracelet and necklace. Meanwhile, the actress had a double reason to celebrate as she was also awarded with the Raindance Icon award at the festival.

The actress previously revealed that she is not sure about having children

In 2013, Gemma Arterton spoke about her plans for motherhood in an interview and revealed that she wasn’t entirely sure about having children. “I don’t think you can plan at exactly the right time. I don’t feel ready for the kids because I want to know that I can go back and still be valuable to the industry,” she said.

Gemma continued, “This is only going to happen when I feel a little more accomplished…or at least when I’ve accomplished something I’m proud of,” adding, “I see children in my future. But sometimes I think about the world we live in and I’m not sure how I feel about bringing A kid to him right now, you know?”

In 2018, she spoke about the idea again, saying, “I’m a neurotic and anxious person anyway, and I think, ‘Oh my God! When I have kids, will I still be able to do all this?’ When we were kids, my mom and my grandmother didn’t work, and I think that’s It made them sad. It affected me.”

Gemma Arterton married Rory Keenan in 2019

Gemma started dating meager masks Actor Rory Keenan in 2017 after they met during the play Saint Juan Written by George Bernard Shaw in London’s West End. The two then married in September 2019 in a secret ceremony in Ireland.

Talking about her relationship with her husband, the actress said in an interview, “He was brought up by wonderful parents and has a great family. He’s a really good guy. I think as you get older, that’s what you need. I just want to feel like I’m with someone who’s good and makes me feel like I’m with you.” Good Condition “.

Before falling in love with Rory, Gemma was married to fashion consultant Stefano Catelli for four years, but the couple separated in 2014.

Congratulations to Gemma Arterton as she is about to embrace motherhood! Stay tuned for more news and updates.