Afenifere Endorsement: PDP Hail Peter Obi, Says Tinubu Went Like A Thief

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson Atiku/Okwa Kamabahn, Daniel Boala, praised Peter Obi, while Progressive Congress presidential candidate Paula Tinubu criticized the way he sought Avnifer’s endorsement.

Newsonline It was reported that Boala, unlike Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labor Party who obtained his endorsement from Yoruba social, cultural and socio-political organization, Afenifere without contradiction, Tinubu stirred controversy in the way he sought the same endorsement.

A PDP spokesperson said, “Peter Obi obtained approval from Afenifere without controversy or contradiction, but you went like a thief in the night and your supposed consent stirred controversy. Isn’t that a shame and a disgrace?”

Recall that on Sunday the GPC candidate Tinubu visited the home of Avnevir’s ex-leader, Pa Ruben Vasurante, in Ondo State.

Tinubu revealed to former Afenifere chief that he was on a trip to redeem the country.

A statement issued by the APC campaign organization quoted the Secretary General of Afenifere, Commander Seinde Arogbofa, accusing Tinubu of being a leader who would unite Nigeria and work for the progress and development of the country.

Arogbofa is said to have said, “You are not just a Yoruba man but a Nigerian. When you become president, keep Nigeria in mind in everything you do but never forget your homeland. Our demands are what you already know.”

Restructuring, security and economic reform. Our country is no longer safe. We want the state police so that the country is safe.”

However, on Monday, October 31, Afenifere’s leader, Ba Ayo Adebanjo, along with the leadership of the Yoruba Social and Cultural Group, confirmed that Peter Obi remained the approved candidate for the Yoruba nation.

Pa Ayo Tinubu was accused of bribing some Afenifere members to create fake endorsements in Ondo State.

Ba Ayu said, “Tinobu bribed some people who had little money to make an offer about having a department in Avnifer.

“I will not involve him and those he gave the money to because we have already made our position clear that Peter Obi is our candidate.”


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