Will The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself Returnor Season Two On Netflix?

The Bastard Son & The Devil itself premiered on Netflix on October 28, 2022. The season included eight episodes. 16-year-old Nathan Byrne has been monitored by theairborn Witch Council for several years after it was revealed that he was the illegitimate son of Marcus Edge, “the most dangerous blood witch in the world”.

However, as the feud rages between the Blood Witch and theairborn Witch, Nathan discovers a way to escape. While on the run, he forms alliances with Annalize and Gabriel as he learns completely undiscovered secrets about himself.

After watching the series, spectators became very curious about the renewal of another season. Let’s explore.

Will Season 2 of “Bastard Son and the Devil Himself” Happen?

The Bastard Son & The Devil itself was not renewed for a second season. Which isn’t surprising given how recently the series has been released.

It should be noted that the show is based on the novels of Sally Green Half Bad, which is a trilogy. And there is still enough material for more seasons. However, it is the choice of the creator and streaming platform if they want to go further.

Netflix takes its time before renewing a series for another season, and it mostly depends on watching the series and audience preferences.

Creator Joe Barton explained the few changes that occurred in the mod.

He said, “It’s a spiritual adaptation, really — it’s the three main characters in the book and the world Sally created, but in the book, Annalize doesn’t have a great deal.

We wanted to bring her in and keep her in him more because I’ve always loved the idea of ​​these three kids and their interactions and the intricacies of their relationships.”

The future prospect of ‘Bastard Son and Satan Himself’ looks positive

Although the renewal is still unknown, there is a chance that the series will return for another season. Regardless of viewership, there is enough material.
The show’s cast members have made it clear that they’d like to come back to explore more and tell more detailed stories.

Guy Lecorgo, who starred in the show, stated that another season had to happen and that it would be a good run.

“My point of season two is that we’re in a really cool place in a world where we’ve only looked at a small part of it. There’s so much to explore. That’s the great thing about fiction.”

Also since we have the urban culture in it too, and the urban feel of cities, there are so many places these characters can go. There are many places the characters can go and there are many characters we can get to know.”

Nadia Parks said it would be great to be back for another season. “Of course. I love the world, I love all the characters and I don’t feel like the stories about these people have all been told. I am so excited about the idea of ​​doing it again.”

Additionally, Isobel Jesper Jones also explained, “We always come up with things we love to do. Jessica and Gabriel [Emilien Vekemans] They don’t have anything together [season 1] But I’d like to have something the next day.”

What do you think of the series? Should there be more chapters? You are welcome to drop your opinions in the comments section below. We will bring you the latest developments in another season or more.