Taylor Swift becomes the first artist in history to claim the Top 10 on Billboard Hot 100

Taylor Swift has made history! The pop star became the first artist ever to feature in all of the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart in its 64-year history. Swift achieved the breakthrough thanks to the tracks of her latest album, midnight.

Drake was the previous record holder, with 9 of his songs taking positions in the Billboard Top 10 last year. Swift song against the herowhich was the first music video to be released from the album, is currently at the top of the chart.

Taylor Swift becomes the first artist in history to occupy all top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100

Aside from being the first artist to win all the top ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100, Taylor Swift has broken many other records as well. her album, midnightwhich dropped on October 21, managed to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums and had the biggest week among all albums released in the past seven years.

The singer also held the most Top 100 titles in a single week with her Top 10 hits, surpassing Drake and The Beatles, both of whom reached the top five for a week in 2021 and 1964, respectively.

Swift has also become the artist with the most singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She has surpassed Madonna’s record of 38 tracks, with a cumulative total of 40 tracks in chart history. Overall, she is just behind Drake, who has so far posted 59 songs on the chart.

Top 100 Billboard Hot Sites

The top position on the chart is obtained by against the hero With 59.7 million broadcasts, 32 million broadcasts and 13,500 sales. next Lavender Haze With 41.4 million broadcasts, 2.4 million broadcasts and 2,800 sales; maroon With 37.6 million broadcasts, 471,000 broadcasts, and 2,900 sales; Snow falling on the beach With 37.2 million broadcasts, 615,000 broadcasts, and 2,600 sales.

In number 5 is midnight rain, has 36.9 million broadcasts, 449,000 broadcasts and 2,200 sales. The following two positions are filled by bejeweledWith 35.5 million broadcasts, 1.6 million broadcasts and 16,100 sales; And the A question…? With 31 million broadcasts, 425,000 broadcasts, and 21,400 sales.

You are alone baby It ranks eighth with 34.1 million broadcasts, 498000 broadcasts and 1500 sales, Karma It ranks 9 with 33 million broadcasts, 1.9 million broadcasts, 3,400 sales and shit bouncer The list concluded with 32.2 million broadcasts, 424,000 broadcasts, and 6,400 sales.

As for the remaining 3 songs of the 13 tracks midnight On the album, all of these songs are reported to appear in the top 15, although Billboard has yet to reveal the full Hot 100 chart.

Taylor Swift has reached the highest rating on the Billboard Hot 100 for the ninth time

against the hero It represents Swift’s ninth track to have reached the highest rank on the chart in a 10-year period. alone We will never get back together He remained at No. 1 for three weeks in 2012.

Her Billboard success continued with get rid of (four weeks in 2014), Empty space (seven weeks in 2014), bad blood (one week in 2015), Look what you made me do (Three weeks in 2017), cardigan (1 week in 2020), willow (one week in 2020), and well (One week in 2021).

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