Lagos Drivers Begin Strike On Monday, Accuses Oluomo’s Boys, Police, LASTMA Of Extortion

Lagos drivers have said they will embark on a strike to protest the extortion of the Olomo boys, the police and LASTMA.

Newsonline It is reported that the Lagos chapter of the Joint Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria (JDWAN) has announced that they will be on strike from Monday, October 31.

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The association, which made the announcement at the weekend, denounced indiscriminate extortion and violent harassment by transport agencies, thugs, police and the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

In a statement, JDWAN privately complained about the actions of members of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Commission.

The committee is chaired by Musilio Aquinsanya, better known as MC Oluomo, former president of the Nationalederation of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

It was formed after the Lagos government suspended NURTW due to the ongoing bloody clashes across the state.

JDWAN President Obiemi Suleiman and Secretary Ajimatanararejeeyisayo said the challenges drivers face add to the cost of transportation.

Officials noted that the increasing cost of goods and services in Lagos was a result of the situation.

They urged Governor Babajide Sano Ulu’s administration to look into parking overruns, illegal tickets and tolls “at almost every bus stop”.

JDWAN members said they lose half of their income on a daily basis to boys’ parking, transportation agencies, and more.

They revealed that exorbitant fees are paid in garages and at bus stations, and that whether they carry passengers or not, “we pay in the morning, afternoon and night.”

The statement informed the public that some routes have as many as 25 bus stops, “which also act as illegal tax collection methods.”

She revealed that from Badagry to Mile 2, between 3,500 and 5,000 N are paid, regardless of which hikers collect N200 or N300 per bus.

Buses running from Yaba to Ikeja pay a total of N1,300 – N200 at Jibowu, Onipanu N200, Elediye N200, Palmgrove N200, Total Bus stop N100,adeyi N100, Anthony N100 and Ikeja N200.

While back in Yaba, N500 each is paid at Palmgrove & Onipanu,adeyi & Total N500 each, Yaba N200, and Lagos Ticket N800.

“At Seme park, they collect N7100 in the morning.ederal Mass & Coaster buses pay over N12,000 per trip from Oko Afo to CMS or to Oyingbo, which includes illegal payments at many bus stops.

“From Ogijo to Ikorodu, we pay over N5,500 per day. Garage ticket N850, Chairman ticket N1,700, King’s levy N200, Ita Oluwo N500, Odogunyan N1,200, Ile Epo Oba N200. We also pay N900 for the passage whether You were going to take a passenger or not.

“At Ikorodu Roundabout, we pay N1000 N each in the morning and afternoon, and N500 in the evening, making it N2,500. At Benson Bus Stop we pay N900 for the whole day, and loading is done at N300 every morning, afternoon, and evening.

“At Agric Bus Stop, we pay N200 to 8 (N1,600) parking thugs. It’s called ‘Welcome to Agricultural Taxes.’ When we load passengers, we pay extra N300 which is not part of N1,600. At a bus stop Aunty Kenny, we pay N200 before buying a Lagos State ticket for N500.

“At Ogolonto bus station we pay N100. At Mile 12 bus station we pay N500 for crossing the highway and N1000 for the service lane (for buses on the Yaba – Oyingbo route). Mile 12 to Ojuelegba pays N1500 buses, while Red Coaster 2000 buses pay N2 .

“Red buses from Ikorodu to Ochodi pay N5,000 for boys in the parking lots in the morning and afternoon. At Ketu bus station we pay N600 to N1,000, depending on the size of the bus, just to drop off passengers or pick up any one.

“We pay N2,000 each in the afternoon and evening, making a total of N7,300 per day. Korope transporting Lyana Iba-Okoko to Agbara pays N5,000 per day to boys in parking lots without the additional extortion of LASTMA, Police Department and Lagos Daily Taskorce “.

The statement indicated that when the members resist the extortion, they are arrested and forced to pay 10,000 naira bail to the police while the boys are released into the car park.

She said drivers also pay for entertainment, security, unit head food and many other fees “with the threat of violence at any slight refusal.”

JDWAN wants to end charging bus drivers a three-passenger fare after loading into parks or garages.

They only want to pay per bus, while only the Lagos government should issue tickets.

The operators said that tickets given by the Lagos Parks and Garages Committee were no longer accepted for them.

They further demand an end to thugs at bus stops and an end to harassment by LASTMA, the Lagos Taskorce and the Police Rapid Response Squad (RRS).

JDWAN claimed that it “collaborates and employs thugs to attack and blackmail us every day without violating any law.”

An industrial measure by commercial drivers means that passengers in Lagos will face tough times next week.

The commercial city has a population of about 20 million, but a smaller percentage of them own private cars.