Kim Kardashian’s kids dress up as 90’s music icons to celebrate Halloween

Kim Kardashian stayed in the most trendy aisle, the perfectly coordinated clothing and photo aisle. This allowed her to enjoy the spooky season of Halloween even though most revelers opt for spooky or manic costumes and festivities.

In celebration of Halloween this year, Kardashian Star dressed her kids up as their favorite music artists.

Was the Halloween theme revealed by Kim Kardashian?

The Kardashian family’s Halloween theme may have been revealed by Kim Kardashian herself. Earlier this week, the 42-year-old SKIMS founder shared a behind-the-scenes look at a family photo that captured her four children dressed up as some important music icon to upload a video to TikTok.

The shoot included group shots of the four Kardashian kids, individual photos of each, and some behind-the-scenes shots of the process. In addition to the main post, she shared various looks from the photo session on her Instagram Story.

Aaliyah’s daughter North, 9, appeared in the video set for the late R&B singer’s “Miss You.” North wore an outfit similar to what the singer wore in Tommy Hilfiger’s ad for the Next Generation Jeans campaign in 1997.

North’s outfit preceded her sister Chicago, 412, who dressed as Sade Adu in an all-denim ensemble, with booties and a braided wig, recreating her older sister’s look from the 1985 music video for The Sweetest Taboo.

In between the mattresses, the boys also joined in on the fun, with the Psalmist donning a black Compton hat as he channeled the late hip-hop legend, Easy E, while eating. inally, the Saint, 612, showed up with plaited tulle and a blue plaid button-down shirt along with tan cargo pants inspired by Snoop Dogg to stand out from the crowd.

Snoop Dogg expressed his appreciation for the honor

Sade has not yet spoken publicly if she has seen pictures of Chicago West as her little impersonator. The singer last updated his official Instagram and Twitter account more than three months ago, and as a result, there was no activity on either of the two accounts.

In response to the tribute, Snoop Dogg posted photos of Saint West to his Instagram Stories, acknowledging the occasion.

Kept Ooky Spooky Halloween Decorations, Kim Kardashian Shares A Look Inside Her Home

There was a glimpse of the Kardashian’s spooky Halloween decorations earlier in the week. It includes two huge trees of skeletal bones connected by a path with hands extending out of the dirt.

Spooky Halloween decorations from the past inspire decorations. Each hand was shaped by her family and friends and was intended to be used as a decorative element. Two frightening groups of Stone Sect members set a fire outside the front door of the house.

Kim Kardashian admits North was pictured in a Christmas card

The star has yet to reveal what outfit she plans to wear for Halloween this year. However, for Halloween in 2021, she wore high-waisted silver shorts, a matching western bra embellished with a center star, thigh-high boots turned chaps, arm badges, and a stylish cowboy hat emblazoned with a star-studded chic. in the center. Thierry Mugler designed the entire outfit, according to the model’s Instagram post.

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