Where is the Drinkmasters finalist Tao Zurfi now?

The thrilling reality show “Drink Masters” on Netflix is ​​a competition to find the best mixologists in all of the US and Canada.

It gathers some of the best people in the business and puts them through a series of tests, each test more difficult than the last. Since the level of competition is so high, there is no room for error, as one person is disqualified after each challenge for not meeting the standard. At the end of the season, the top three contestants fight a cash battle for a big cash prize and the coveted title of Drink Master.

From the start, it looked like Montrealer Tao Zrafi would be a good rider. Tao is very experienced in making cocktails and other drinks, but he loves to bring it out himself, which impressed the judges. But now that the cameras are turned off, fans want to know where Tao is. Well, worry not, because we have the answers for you!

Tao Zorfi

The Masters’ Drink Journey by Tao Zurfi

You might be surprised to find out that a bartender or cocktail maker wasn’t Tao Ziraffe’s first choice for a job. He was born in Tunisia, but became interested in interior design when he was 20 years old. Go to Canada to take a course in this subject. In the Great White North, Tao realized that he needed to earn money, so he went to work as a waiter. The sources say that the Tunisian man never tried alcohol until he was 23 years old. Then he discovered that he loved making cocktails and realized that this was his true mission in life.

After that, Tao did not wait long to change directions, and wanted to be among the best. Tao said on the show that he was there to win and that he would only accept perfection from himself. Most people immediately liked him for how cool he was, and it was nice to see him make friends in the first episode. In the first few challenges, the judges liked what Tao made. He didn’t end up at the bottom, but he also didn’t do anything to really amaze them.

But once Tao realized he had to step up and perform, he brought in his best, and in Episode 5, he was named the winner. However, the Tunisian did not stop there. Keep making great performances and winning challenges until the semi-finals. Tao did not do well in the semi-finals, so she had to face Suzu in the Elimination Challenge. However, he worked hard and finally made it to the end. He left the show as the third runner-up.

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Where is Tao Zurfi currently?

Sources said that once Tao realized how much he wanted to serve drinks and make cocktails, he decided to gain as much experience as possible. Therefore, he worked in many bars in Canada and the United States and even participated in a few competitions to get better. Over time, he began to appear in show business and appeared in a few magazines.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has closed bars and restaurants across North America. However, Tao did not give up, and began working as a consultant in the bartenders industry. Once the rules became less strict, he even created pop-up platforms, which made him even more famous. Tao, who calls herself a “non-sexual fashion icon,” currently lives in Montreal, Canada.

Tao said he loves to travel the world and doesn’t mind doing his job as a waiter in different places. He also owns aunk Populaire, a bar where he says he only serves “Weird Things.” Watching Tao’s rise to fame is inspiring to say the least. Since the Tunisian-born artist said he’s “working on the next big thing,” we’d like to wish him all the best with that too.

Tao Zrafi makes drinks, helps bars with their shows, and travels the world. If you’ve ever been to a popular cocktail bar in Montreal, you’ve probably had a drink made by Tao. Tao moved from Tunisia to Canada when he was 20 to study interior design. He wanted to get out of his comfort zone and try something new, so he got a job at a bar. Tao did not try alcohol for the first time until he was twenty-three. He soon became interested in blends and set out to be the best at what he does. Tao made a name for himself and found his own style by working in various restaurants and bars across North America and entering many competitions. Since the pandemic has placed so many restrictions on bartenders, Tao decided to focus on counseling, sharing his knowledge and making pop-up bars, and planning his lifelong goal of opening his own bar. Keep your eyes open (and your taste buds ready) to see what Tao comes next!

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Drink Masters will have 12 mixologists compete against each other for a $100,000 grand prize and first-ever title of “Drink Master”.

The best mixologists in North America were chosen to compete in the show, which was filmed in Canada. In order for these guys to win the title, they have to impressrankie Saloric and Julie Rayner, both famous in the world of cocktails.

    Tao Zorfi
Tao Zorfi

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The tasting will also include comedian and actor Ton Bell, who will host the reality show.

Twelve of the world’s most creative bartenders compete in a series of high-stakes cocktail challenges for a chance to win a life-changing prize and the title The Ultimate Drink Master.

In the new Netflix reality show, the 12 mixologists will “pump, stir, and mix” their way. Here is where you can follow them on Instagram.

The mixologist has 688 followers and often shows off his skills on social media. Upcoming contestant Drink Masters wore strange face masks during Covid-19, and his dog is often featured on his feed.

When you look at Suzu’s Instagram feed, it’s clear that he loves food, alcohol, and dogs. He now has just over 4,000 followers, and that number will likely rise when the show starts.

The soul teacher and bartender, like many of her fellow contestants, often posts photos of interesting cocktails on Instagram. She was seen making and eating them, so we know she loves them. She has 4,109 people following her, and she also created an organization for free talent called&B Talent of Color.

Kate Jeroen received the Tales Spirited Award in the category of Best New Cocktail Bar in the United States. Her account has nearly 5,000 followers, and she posts tons of photos of herself going through life. rom what I can tell, Kate loves tattooing and wears a lot of sneakers.

As her biography says, the next person to compete in the Drink Masters is a mixed scientist who won prizes. Her current follower count is 9,434, and it is growing all the time. She was listed on the Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 list in 2021, and she’s showing off her love for wine on social media.

At the moment, there are 2,161 people following Lloyd’s account. His account takes a look at both his art and his lively personality. He is the beverage manager at Park Resto and is from Montreal.

Meredith has 1,832 followers on Instagram, and that number is likely to increase after the first episode of Drinkmasters aired. Her feed is full of posts that show how weird she is and how much she loves making cocktails.

The person who makes the content is from New York, and he’s been famous before. They have 101 thousand followers. She posts a lot on Instagram about how much she loves cocktails and going on trips.

The American Indian waiter has 890 people who follow her on Instagram. His dog appears on his feed a lot. The baseball fan was named to the USA’s Top 5 World Class Bartender in 2021 and is an Executive Bourbon Host.

The non-sexual fashion icon has 2,216 followers on Instagram right now, and that number is likely to rise once the Drink Masters show kicks off. rom their recap, it’s clear that they’ve been to Australia, Bali, Colorado, and other places.

Michael Anderson has 2,109 people following him on Instagram. Michael’s feed is filled with colorful drinks that showcase his skills as a bartender and bartender. During the global pandemic of 2020, he worked with Bulleit on their social platform #tipsfromhome to help people in the bar and restaurant industry.

In the Drink Masters programme, 12 mixing specialists will compete against each other in a competition like no other. The winner of the Netflix show will receive $100,000 and a chance to be the first Ultimate Drink Master.

To do so, they have to convince the show’s judges,rankie Solaric and Julie Rayner. Tone Bell is responsible for the show and is the host.

One of the people competing in the mixology contest will be Kapri Robinson, who runs the Soul Palate podcast. Capri is also the founder of Chocolate City’s Best, a non-profit group. It aims to give black and brown people in the food and drink industry to meet people who can help them advance in their careers.

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