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Where was Run Sweetheart Run filmed? Amazon Prime filming locations

Based on the real-life experiences of director Shanaeste, Amazon Prime’s Run Sweetheart Run is a thriller that revolves around Cherie, a hard-working single mom who decides to let go of her shyness and enter the dating scene. co-workers insistence. Her boss introduces her to one of her most important clients, Ethan, who, to Cherie’s relief, turns out to be as charming and handsome as his photo. But when the date ends and they are alone together, Ethan reveals his true and violent nature.

All bloodied and petrified, Cherie must escape his deadly clutches for her life. As she plays a game of cat and mouse with her bad date, she discovers that Ethan is more dangerous and violent than she expected. Thrilling chases throughout the film keep viewers on the edge of their seats, while nighttime shots across the city of Los Angeles make you wonder if Run Sweetheart Run was shot on location. Luckily for you, we have gathered all the information about the same to appease your curiosity!

Launch Sweetheart Run shooting locations

“Run Sweetheart Run” was shot entirely in California, specifically in Los Angeles County. According to information, the main filming of Ella Balinska began inebruary 2019 and was completed within a month in March of the same year. Since the story takes place entirely in Los Angeles, it makes sense why the production unit decided to shoot the film on location. So without further ado, let’s follow Cherie on the run of her life and get a detailed account of all the special sites featured in the film!

Los Angeles County, California

All major sequences of ‘Run Sweetheart Run’ were filmed in Los Angeles County, which is the most populous city in California besides the United States. Several key segments were filmed around the Mama Shelter at 6500 Selma Avenue in Los Angeles. It is reported that the production team traveled to different areas of the county to film various scenes with suitable backgrounds. Sites include mansions in Loseliz, penthouses in downtown Los Angeles, the streets of Skid Row, spas in Koreatown, and Venice Pier in Los Angeles.

Additionally, the Santa Monica Pier Carousel at 1624 Oceanront Walk in Santa Monica, a coastal city in western Los Angeles County, served as another major production location for the date night horror film. Aside from ‘Run Sweetheart Run’, the county’s locales have been featured in a variety of movies and TV shows over the years. Some of the highlights are ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘The Net’, ‘Bullet Train’, ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘The L Word’.

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