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Investigation Discovery’s Onion: In Real Life: Banana Power follows the controversial life of Gregory Daniel Jackson, better known by his YouTube stage name Onision. He has been accused of abuse and has been linked to a number of other controversial cases since 2011, with the charges becoming more serious over the years. But who exactly is Gregory Daniel Jackson and what did he do? Here’s what we know so far.

Who is Gregory Daniel Jackson?

Gregory James Daniel was born on November 11, 1985 in Auburn, Washington. On the show, his father, Randy Daniel, described Gregory as an introvert and a happy kid who spent his time around the computer. Little is known about Gregory’s childhood except for what he chooses to reveal to his fans online. He claimed to be a Seventh-day Adventist like his mother and siblings until he was a teenager. Gregory in one of his videos he claimed his mother divorced Randy after it became clear that his father was a child predator.

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Gregory later changed his name to James Jackson, but is popularly known online by his moniker Onision. He created his YouTube channel in 2006, but only started uploading content after October 2007. It mainly focused on sketches and satirical clips and has 3 channels as of 2022. His main channel “Onision” has more than 2 million subscribers and more than 330 million views. his vlog channel “OnisionSpeaks” has over 1.4 million subscribers and over 550 million views, while his secondary channel “UhOhBro” has nearly 2 million subscribers and over 370 million views.

Onision’s first video clips featured him hanging out with his first wife, Skye Tantaga, and a character named Chibi, which was interpreted as a satirical depiction ofredigglehorn. But he rose to fame in 2009 with the song “Banana Song (I’m a Banana)”. Although the video was silly in nature, it was featured in the 2010 Comedy Central series “Tosh.0” as “Watcher Video of the Week” and earned him internet fame as a YouTube content creator.

As of 2022, the video in question has garnered over 91 million views and remains Onision’s most viewed video. After the fallout with Skye and an IRS audit in 2010, Onision spent a chaotic decade where he was removed from platforms and had his YouTube channels demonetized as many women came forward with child-grooming allegations against him and his wife, Kai Avaroe.

Onision was not new to controversy, having been banned from VidCon 2012 after posting an online video in which he reportedly made derogatory comments about ex-girlfriend Adrienne Jorgensen. Although he rose to fame after his “Banana Song” video, he received a lot of backlash and criticism online for his controversial views on controversial topics and strong opinionated videos. 2012 article from The Daily Dot he claimed Onision was “known for his militant vegetarianism, sex appeal, comedy scenes and controversial views on issues such as circumcision”.

Often billed as one of YouTube’s most “problematic” stars, Onision has been embroiled in a new controversy in 2019, with at least six women coming forward and accusing Onision of being sexually groomed by the YouTube star and his partner Kai Avaroe as minors. . He was removed from the Patreon platform for doxxing after he responded to allegations that one of his accusers had revealed his phone number.

Where is Gregory Daniel Jackson today?

Onision became embroiled in a number of controversies, which led him to i.After investigative reporter Chris Hansen knocked on her door for an interview. After the error was filed against Chris Hansen, he eventually dismissed the lawsuit. She and Kai were also charged with child abuse after their 2-year-old daughter fell from the window of their two-story home. There are also reports of multiple openBI investigations against him, which the investigative body has neither confirmed nor denied.

All 3 of Onision’s channels were demonetized by YouTube after the show aired, as he was removed from the YouTube Partner Program in January 2021 for violating their abusive behavior and creative liability policies. However, Onision is free to upload videos to his channels and continues to do so while living in Washington with his wife and children. Note that Gregory Daniel Jackson aka Onision has not been charged with any of the charges brought against him.

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