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Shinobi no Ittoki episode 4 recap and ending explained

In episode 4 of ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ titled ‘artisans and users’, Ittoki learns about the upcoming Ninja Tool exam and immediately begins to prepare for the exam, only to discover that there is a loop in the test. Meanwhile, preliminary investigations into the murder of Koga chieftain Kishimaru Minobe provide no concrete evidence. However, Itttoki’s uncle is put on a watch list by the MTN. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 4 Summary

While the search for the killers of Koga chieftain Kishimaru Minobe continues, the preliminary investigation has turned up only one clue. The cuts on his body are typical of Iga ninja sword wounds. At the NSC headquarters, Hayato Goshogawara, the head of the first unit, tells his men that Tokisada Kaga will be investigated undercover because he is famous for being one of the best Iga ninjas and the urban myths surrounding him. A teenager named Shione Kouzuki arrives late to the meeting and is directly given the responsibility of following Kaga around.

Meanwhile, at the Kokuten Ninja Academy, Ittoki learns about the upcoming ninja tool exam and focuses on learning the theoretical aspects of the subject. But later, his friends inform Ittoki that he doesn’t need to memorize anything. The test is designed to assess the student’s ability to secretly steal question papers from the teacher and is different from the rote learning methods he is used to. After being tasked with finding out everything about Kaga, Shione begins tracking her only to be tricked and embarrassed by an Iga ninja. Meanwhile, some of Koga’s elite plan to sabotage Ittoki’s exam by making it difficult.

Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 4 Ending: Do Ittoki andriends Pass the Ninja Tool Test?

With a Ninja Tool test looming, Ittoki and his friends plan to steal question papers from their teachers overnight. As Ittoki takes some of his friends to the teacher’s room, they take different positions throughout the Kokuten Ninja Academy to ensure they don’t get caught. They use a drone with a camera to search for locker keys while they sit on the teacher’s desk doing their homework. While the drone eventually learns where the locker key is kept, it accidentally crashes into the door and shatters on its way back to Ittoki. The teacher is naturally confused by this and runs to her door, but luckily all the students are wearing their ninja outfits so they manage to escape.

However, the job isn’t done yet, so Kirei cleverly uses a smoke bomb to force the teacher to rush up the stairs. Meanwhile, Ittoki and his friends, who ran to the terrace, return to look for the question papers again. But when they finally enter the room, they realize that there is no key to the locker and the teacher must have taken it with him. To make matters worse, Koga’s elite also show up out of nowhere and beat up one of Ittoki’s team members. When Kousetsu learns of the incident, he immediately runs downstairs, leaving his friends to find a way to open the locker. Interestingly, Ryouko pulls out a tool that breaks the new Saika lock. Since the academy itself allows its use, he tells Ittoki that there is nothing wrong with using it.

Ittoki confides in Ryouko and the two eventually manage to find the question papers in the teacher’s locker. Meanwhile, Kousetsu also forces the Koga elite to return, while Kirei escapes from the teacher unharmed. It seems like the perfect crime, but on the day of the trial, things go terribly wrong. When Ittoki and his friends finally see the question paper for the Ninja Tool test, they are shocked to learn that the papers they got from their teacher’s locker are different. Everyone fails the test except for Ryouko, who comes from Saika Village, which specializes in making tools for ninjas.

However, Kousetsu then speaks secretly with Ittoki and tells him that there is a traitor in their midst. He claims that only one of them could have known which locker room they were going to target and try to execute their plan. Kousetsu realizes that it was the Koga elite who changed the documents, but he is unsure of the identity of the traitor in his team. Elsewhere, Himura and his friends mock Ittoki’s team for being so easily fooled. So finally, Ittoki and his friends fail the Ninja Tool test, except for Ryouko.

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