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Mussolini’s stripping is over, explained: Is Borsalino dead? Does Isola find the treasure?

Netflix’s heist comedy ‘Mussolini’s Robbery’ follows Isola, a Milanese entrepreneur who organizes a group to steal the treasure belonging to Benito Mussolini in the final days of World War II. The Italian film is written and directed by Renato De Maria and mixes reality with fiction to tell a fascinating tale full of action and adventure. Given Isola’s valiant quest to rob the Italian leader, viewers have to wonder if he succeeds. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about the ending to Robbing Mussolini. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Summary of the plot to strip Mussolini

The Robbery of Mussolini opens with Isola, aka Pietro Lamberti, meeting his girlfriend Yvonne in a diner. Yvonne sings in a local bar and becomes the love interest of Achille Borsalino, the general secretary under Benito Mussolini. As a result, Isola is looking for a quick buck so he can escape Borsalino with Yvonne. Therefore, he is involved in a deal with the leader of a resistance group to trade TNT. However, while the deal was being completed, fascist soldiers attacked the parties. In the shootout, Isola loses her purse and is rescued by Marcelo, her most trusted friend. The two then regroup in hiding with their third partner, a professional codebreaker named Amedeo.

Image credit: Sara Petraglia/Netflix

Marcello intercepts a message from Mussolini’s camp and asks Amadeo to decipher it. Amadeo discovers that the leader will flee to Switzerland during World War II. Moreover, his wealth is kept at the headquarters of theascist Government in Milan, and will be transported to Mussolini in a week. Therefore, Isola hatches a plan to steal Mussolini’s fortune so he can live happily ever after with Yvonne. However, the facility the group is supposed to rob is heavily guarded under Borsalino’s leadership.

Isola, Marcello and Amedeo gather a crew to help them plan the heist. Marcello adds Molotov, an explosives expert, and Amedeo adds Hessa, a speed expert. Eventually, Isola convinces former race car driver Giovanniabbri to become the group’s getaway driver. After gathering all the players under one roof, Isola explains her plan to everyone. Later, Molotov and Marcello begin preparing bombs to blow up the walls of the headquarters, while Hessa and Amedeo scout the area. Isola enlists Yvonne’s help in obtaining the seal needed to forge the documents for the group to enter the facility.

Meanwhile, Borsalino’s wife Nora finds out about his affair with Yvonne and tries to scold her husband. Learning of Mussolini’s instructions to flee to Switzerland with the treasure, Borsalino asks Yvonne to join him and suggests starting a family together. However, Yvonne rejects Borsalino and discovers his affair with Isola. Therefore, Borsalino orders his men to track down Isola and his group and capture them. As Borsalino’s men search for Isola, the crew’s plan is jeopardized. Whether or not Isola gets the treasure forms the rest of the plot.

The end of the Mussolini robbery: Is Borsalino dead?

After the group’s plan nearly fails and they are attacked by Borsalino’s men, they consider abandoning their quest. But Isola and her group get help from a surprising ally in the form of Borsalino’s wife, Nora. He arrives at the group’s hideout and reveals that he has been following them since they hatched their plan to rob Mussolini. After her husband dumps her from Yvonne and seeks revenge, Nora is distraught. So he agrees to help Isola and his crew steal the treasure. Nora offers him and Izola a deal to split the loot from the robbery. However, Nora threatens to turn Isola and the group over to Borsalino if Isola reneges on the deal. So Isola reluctantly accepts the deal and sets the crew’s plans in motion.

Image credit: Sara Petraglia/Netflix

Fabbri pretends to be a soldier escorting Isala to the Milan headquarters for Borsalino. As a result, the crew enters the facility and places Molotov bombs near the wall protecting the treasure. The wall explodes, killing several soldiers and Molotov. Soon, the crew collects all the gold and valuables and prepares to escape to their hideout. But Nora and her men stop them and Nora demands Isola to hand over all the wealth. He reveals that he has killed Borsalino and that in his absence the army will carry out his orders. Plus, Nora kidnaps Yvonne and forces Isola and her team to hand over the treasure. inally, he runs off with the treasure, taking Yvonne with him. Nora takes her revenge on Borsalino, kills him and seizes the opportunity to take all the wealth for herself.

Does Isola find the treasure?

Nora runs off with the treasure, leaving Isola and her crew devastated. As Nora’s caravan scores significantly higher, it is almost impossible for the group to catch up with them. Additionally, with Yvonne in Nora’s captivity, Isola must find a way to stop the convoy. Inside the facility,abbri discovers the last valuable item they forgot to load into the truck. That object is the sports car thatabbri drives and takes Isola to the convoy. abbri and Isola soon arrive at Nora’s convoy and Isola attacks Nora’s men. While Isola fights Nora’s security chief, Yvonne gets into a fight with Nora. Two battles take place on a complex track as the cars go one after the other.

Image credit: Sara Petraglia/Netflix

With Nora and Yvonne still inside, Isola causes the treasure truck to lose control and go into a nearby lake. Isola follows the truck into the lake and manages to rescue Yvonne. He leaves the treasure to save Yvonne, who is more precious to him. Moreover, with Borsalino’s death, the couple no longer needs money to start a new life. On the other hand, the treasure sank into the lake and disappeared. However, Isola had already pocketed a couple of wedding rings from the treasure. He uses them to propose to Yvonne and the engaged couple. In the end, Isola realizes that love is the most valuable treasure, and despiteabbri urging her to look for the treasure in the lake, Isola decides to start a life with Yvonne.

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