What did Kanye West say about the Jewish people? Explore the schedule

Kanye West has been making a lot of headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Since the beginning of the month, the rapper has made numerous anti-Semitic and racist statements, facing backlash from fans and celebrities.

Public outrage reached the point that Ye had to be abandoned from a number of brands, including Adidas And the Balenciagaand she also has billions lost of dollars. But what are the anti-Semitic statements, and what exactly did the rapper say in his statements? Read on to find out.

A timeline of Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks

Anti-Semitism is hatred or discrimination against Jews as a religious or ethnic group. The term was coined by German agitator Wilhelm Marr in 1879 to define the anti-Jewish campaigns running in Central Europe at the time.

Kanye’s anti-Semitic remarks go back to the beginning of October when the rapper wore the “White Lives Matter” shirt during Parisashion Week. Yi has been called out on social media, by many celebrities including Diddy. After the backlash, West began spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on social media.

Kanye first claimed that Didi was under the control of the Jewish people. Instagram then suspended his account, and the rapper kept tweeting that he was going to “Death con 3 on the Jewish people.”

“The funny thing is, I can’t actually be anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jews too. You have manipulated me and tried to get rid of anyone who goes against your agenda,” Yi added. His Twitter account was also suspended after the comments.

The rapper then faced outrage over his comments, but doubled down on his opinion on October 13, stating that he was happy to cross the line. “Hey, if you call someone because of bad deeds, it means that you are an anti-Semite. I am glad I crossed the boundaries of this idea so that we can talk openly about things like cancellation by a bank,” He said in an interview.

Yi then defended his controversial tweet, commenting that he was not “anti-Semitic because blacks are in fact Jews.” A few days later, he appeared on Drinking heroes Podcast, where he shared a number of conspiracy theories and claimed he was “Backed by the Jewish media.” The episode was deleted soon after, and the host had to send an apology.

On October 19, Kanye appeared on Piers Morgan’s TalkTV, and when asked if he regretted the “Death Con 3” tweet, he replied, “No not at all. I fought fire with fire. I am not here to get water sprinklers.” However, he went on to say that he was “sorry for the people he hurt” and the “confusion he caused.”

Kanye is now facing the consequences of his comments

The rapper’s comments led to his Twitter and Instagram account being restricted. Several of his close friends and ex-wife Kim Kardashian called him on social media because of his actions. Last week, luxury fashion house Balenciaga decided to cut ties with him.

After pressure from the public, he was separated from Adidas, which had struck a deal with the rapper to retail Yeezy merchandise. Hollywood agency CAA, who has represented Kanye since 2016, decided to end their partnership with him as well.

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