Meet Big Price: All About ‘The Surreal Life’ starrankie Muniz’s wife

Frankie Muniz is a Hollywood actor best known for playing the main character in theox sitcom Malcolm in the East. We have to say, he has come a long way from being a child star to being an established actor in the entertainment world.

Throughout his career as an actor, Muniz has starred in many prominent actresses from Hollywood on the big screen but there is one lady who has the key to his heart. Owner’s name is Paige Price. Read on to get to knowrankie’s wife Big Price a little better.

Here’s everything you need to get to knowrankie Muniz’s wife, Big Price

Aside from being known asrankie Muniz’s wife, Paige Price is most well known as a model and actress. According to her IMDB page, she is originally from a very small town far in southwestern Pennsylvania called Mariana.

Paige started modeling at the age of 18. She won the Miss Classic Kumite title in 2013. She continued to model until the age of 21. modeling world.

Soon after his retirement from the world of fashion, Price began working as a presenter on the Golf Network. Back in the day, she was hosting short clips as well as meeting golfers.

Additionally, Paige has tried her hand at acting. She had minor roles as her cat in several films and TV shows from 1983 to 2001. After one point, she retired from acting.

How didrankie Muniz and Paige Price meet each other?

For those inexperienced, let us tell you, former child starrankie Muniz and Paige Price met each other for the first time due to their love of golf. Just like his wife Paige,rankie also loves golf, and so the two lovebirds crossed the fairways.

According to Paige’s IMDb bio, the two met each other atrank Sinatra’s centennial invitation inebruary 2016. Shortly thereafter, Paige and Muniz started dating and have been together ever since.

In a previous interaction with People the magazine Big fat liar The star said, “Paige and I, we don’t spend a minute. I think she went to get her hair done three days ago and that was the first time we’ve had more than 20 minutes in just a three-year period.”

Frankie went on to say, “So we get along very well and I never get bored of her. You probably get frustrated with me because I’m a little neurotic, but we have fun all the time. So it’s great to have someone you can spend a lot of time with and want to spend time with. We don’t. We get tired of each other.”

When didrankie Muniz and Paige Price become involved?

Frankie Muniz and Paige Price started dating in April 2016. They got engaged two years later in 2018. Dancing with the stars alum asked the big question to Paige at the Pinalairgrounds Lanternest in Casa Grande, Arizona in November 2018.

At the time,rankie shared a good news about his engagement on the social media platform Instagram. He posted a series of stunning photos of the pair from their dreamy proposal on Instagram.

“So grateful this ThanksgivingIANCEE! Yes, @pogprice said yes! She makes my life better instantly! We eat Thanksgiving dinner at Boston Market, but I wouldn’t want it any other way, as long as she’s by my side! #sheismyrock,” he wrote alongside With photo slideshow.

Paige also put out a warm post on Instagram to celebrate the special day. She wrote, “When you’re a little girl dreaming of marrying the man of your dreams. You think about all these extravagant things from the way he asks you, to the dress you’ll wear, to the music you’ll dance to with your dad. Sometimes, reality tends to override your dreams and really surprise you. “.

Price added: “Francisco Muniz IV, you are more than a dream to me. You teach me every day, you stretch me when I’m at my worst, you push me over the edge but you are there to pick me up when I start to show signs of falling.”

She concluded the lengthy but sweet comment by writing, “I love every piece of you, and I appreciate you more and more every day. I really can’t wait to be your wife. Note: You’re officially the master of shows. PPS I cried so hard that I can’t even post pictures, so… ..there is that.”

Frankie Muniz and Paige Price tied the knot in 2020

The Another day in heaven The star married the love of his life, Big Price in 2020. As per a report by People magazine, the two exchanged vows on October 3, 2020, exactly 4 years after they first met each other.

Muniz spilled beans at his wedding to Paige Price to People He told magazine, “Every moment onebruary 21 was perfect.rom the moment we got up together and jumped on the bed with each other, to helping our wedding planner get things set up in place, right through to walking down the aisle with my best friends alongside our closest friends and The family is in attendance. Everything was so for us.”

He added, “I’ve always thought it cliched for people to claim their wedding day was the best day of their lives, maybe it was something they had to say. No, my wedding day was literally the best day of my life!”

How many children dorankie Muniz and Paige Price have?

Frankie Muniz and Paige Price are one proud parent. The couple welcomed their first child together in March of 2021. Their son, Banana Muesli Muniz, came into the world on March 22, 2021. Paige announced her arrival and littlerankie Muz’s baby on the social media platform Instagram.

‘No words can express what it feels like to be a new mother.’ Paige wrote along with a series of shots of herself, her husbandrankie, and their baby Banana.

Bryce added, “Banana Mosley Muniz was born on March 22nd, and he weighed exactly 7 pounds. He is literally the boat of my dreams. Now, to get to know this whole breastfeeding thing… yiiiiikes.

Every now and then, Paige and husbandrankie keep sharing adorable photos of their son Bananas on their social media handles.

Paige’s son Mauz Mosley also has an Instagram account

Yes, you read that correctly. Moniz and Bryce’s one-year-old son, Maws Mosley, also has his own Instagram account. His Instagram page is handled by his mum and dad. As of this moment, he has nearly 1.5 thousand followers on the social media platform.

His Instagram bio reads, “I’m eating a lot somewhere…Mom:ather of a self-proclaimed Internet comedian: Special agent on TV but not in real life Nanny: Gives me all the snacks.”

When we scrolled through Mauz Mosley’s Instagram feed, we found great shots of him living his good life, two cute pictures of him with his mum and dad, and some pictures of him with his cousins.

Frankie Muniz and Paige Price are life and business partners

Frankie Muniz and his wife Paige Price are not only life partners but also professional partners. In 2018, the two bought a small specialty store, Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars, located within therontier Stores courtyard in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona.

In January 2019,rankie told Arizona Republic“We were looking for something to do together. We were customers in the store before and knew we liked the product and wanted to do something together. Now, it’s our life.”

It has been reported by People magazine, that Paige is responsible for stock picking and operating the store’s social media handles as well as the company’s website. On the other hand,rankie handles the finances of the store.

Then Moniz told the media, “I love doing payroll. I love doing anything with finances. I am a numbers guy, so this was a dream come true for me.” We have to say thatrankie Muniz and his wife Paige Price are a solid couple.

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