Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War Episode 3 recap and ending, explanation

In the third episode of ‘Bleach: A Thousand Year Blood War’ titled ‘March of the Star Cross’, Ichigo fights Quilge alone until he receives much-needed help from Trest Bestias, who was wounded a while ago by the Quincy captain. Meanwhile, Yhwach feels that this is the perfect opportunity to upset the balance between the world of the living and the spirit world, as Ichigo is in the Battle of Hueco Mundo. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War’ episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War Part 3 Summary

An emergency meeting is held in the 1st Division dormitory to make sense of the recent attacks and formulate a smart strategy. At this point, it was determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that Quincy was behind him, and the captains were ordered to prepare for war. Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo, Ichigo is still fighting Quilge, who appears to have defeated the Trest Bestias.

Interestingly, the Quincy captain admits that Yhwach has already told them about Ichigo and his special fighting potential. Therefore, he was instructed to get rid of him as soon as possible. To fight him, Quilge transforms into his Quincy: Vollstandig form. When Yhwach realizes that Ichigo will be too busy with the Battle of Hueco Mundo, he tells Sternritter to prepare and gather at Taiyou no Mon.

Meanwhile, Quilge is confident that he can take down Ichigo and shows no fear as he attacks him. When he mentions his enemy Quincy: Letzt Steel, Quilge mocks him, claiming that it is a relic of the past. According to him, the attack ceased to exist about two centuries ago. He further argues that only people like Ishida who refuse to join the revolution are still addicted to it. Ichigo uses Getsuga Tenso against the Quincy captain but is unable to inflict any noticeable damage.

When Quilge tries to attack him with Biskiel’s power, he is attacked by Ayon, a creature created by the left hand of Tres Bestias. Turns out Tier Harribelracción is still alive and well enough to fight. Ayon continues to beat Quilge and only stops after the Quincy captain buries his head in the sand. Just when everyone thinks the battle is won, Quilge emerges from the ruins and begins to very aggressively collect Reishi from around to get a new form.

Bleach: A Thousand Year Blood War Episode 3 Ending: Why Are Soul Reapers Called Balancers? What happens when souls are out of balance?

After the death of a living being, their soul moves to the Spirit Society, balancing between the two worlds. However, souls that have become void cannot return to the spirit world. Therefore, the Pits must be cleansed of souls before they are sent to the Soul Society – this is the job of a soul reaper. It maintains the balance between the living world and the spirit world.

But when the Quincys start killing all the souls that have turned into Hollows, the number of souls entering the spirit realm will decrease. Eventually, there will be an imbalance between souls in the Spirit Society and the Human World. After the recent attacks, the aforementioned balance has begun to be disturbed, which may eventually lead to the collapse of both worlds.

What prompts the invasion of soul society? What is Yhwach’s command to the Sternritter?

As Ichigo engages in the fight against Quilge in Hueco Mundo, Yhwach realizes that the defense of the Soul community is not the same. He sees this as an opportunity to upset the balance between the world of the living and the spirits. With his men at the ready, Yhwach announces the invasion of Soul society. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the spirit world are already on their guard due to recent events.

As Hidetomo assures Yuki that he has nothing to fear with the current security measures in place, Yhwach suddenly appears in the sky above the members of the 13th Division. Although no one actually sees it, large flames soon erupt in many places throughout the Soul community. Before anyone can react, the spirit world is already under dangerous attack. As the Reishi flames begin to engulf the Spirit Society, the Sternitters also appear.

The 3rd Division prepares for the next attack when Lt. Kira is suddenly killed by one of the flames. Soon the Sternitters also begin to take their places to successfully begin the massacre. They announce that they are tasked with killing every last Soul Reaper they come across in the spirit world. Meanwhile, Ichigo is still busy fighting Quilge and likely won’t be able to help the residents of Soul Society.

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