Watch: Ted Cruz’s ‘The View’ interview is being disrupted by climate protesters

Filming for The View erupted into chaos on Monday when Ted Cruz appeared on the show. Some of the audience, who were said to be climate protesters, began chanting slogans against the Texas senator.

The show’s live recording had to be stopped after the fiasco, and it was soon cut into a commercial. Then security escorted the demonstrators. Keep reading to find out more about the accident.

Protesters boycotted Ted Cruz interview on ‘The View’

On October 23, Cruz appeared for an interview on ABC to promote his new book. At one point during filming, program committee members were questioning the senator about the upcoming midterm elections when some live audience started chanting, “Cover the climate now!”

Cruz continued to speak during the shouts, but then a woman apparently yelled, “Fuck you, Ted Cruz!” Then mediator Whoopi Goldberg had to interrupt and address the protesters. “Ladies, ladies! Excuse us! Let’s do our work. We hear what you have to say, but you have to go! You must go, you must let us do our work,” she cried again.

Then cut the show into a commercial. However, when the shooting resumed, the protesters began chanting slogans again. Team member Sunny Houston then said, “They’re accusing us of not covering climate change, with panelist Alyssaarrah Griffin adding, ‘They weren’t protesting against you.'” However, Cruz stayed on the show and ended his interview.

Statement of a Spokesperson for “The View”

A spokesperson for the show has now released a statement saying, “Three audience members boycotted The View today as Senator Ted Cruz appeared in a climate protest. They were immediately escorted by security.”

After filming resumed, co-host Anna Navarro apologized to the senator and said, “I’ve been very outspoken and criticized you, but I’m sorry that this happened in our house.” Once the situation normalized, Cruz had a heated discussion with Griffin about the Capitol riots in January 2021.

The senator has yet to comment on the matter, but retweeted a video posted by Arizona Representative Andy Bigs in which he said, “Liberals preach ‘tolerance’ but they are the least tolerant people in America.” After filming, Cruz shared a clip from the show and wrote, “It’s Halloween, so TheView has invited the scariest guest they can think of.”

The senator faced a similar situation in the Yankees game on Sunday

Ted Cruz faced public outcry twice in two days. On Sunday, he attended a playoff game at Yankee Stadium, where spectators began booing him and even flipping him as he moved around his seat.

As soon as he got up, fans started chanting slogans such as “f***ing loser” and “a racist piece of s***”. But the senator kept calm during the match and did not respond to the slogans.

On Monday morning, Cruz revealed his reaction to the situation and said he had no hard feelings for Yankee fans. “It was a great match – it was amazing. And I appreciate the hospitality of New York.”

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