Doja Cat has a wardrobe malfunction during her 27th birthday party, and the moment was captured on camera

Doja Cat accidentally had a wardrobe malfunction after her much-talked-about birthday partyriday night. The singer, who celebrated her 27th birthday with a masquerade party at a club in West Hollywood, ended up revealing more than was intended while leaving the venue.

However, Doja seemed unfazed by the incident and took it in stride while joking about it on social media today. Read on to find out more about the incident.

Doja Cat suffered a wardrobe malfunction after his 27th birthday party

Doga attended her party on October 21 in a semi-naked outfit, only wearing a black velvet robe with an elaborate mask with gold and white feathers. After the event, the singer, whose real name is Amala Dlamini, jumped in her car while paparazzi continued to click on her photos.

At one point, when Amala was just resting in the back seat of her black SUV, she shifted her head back, accidentally exposing her completely right chest. The kiss me more The singer seemed unaware of a wardrobe malfunction and was driven away in the car.

Meanwhile, photos taken at the party reveal that Doga was topless during the entire ceremony. The singer has now responded to the incident and appears unaffected by the malfunction. She tweeted on October 23, “IF ANYONE HAD MEROM LAST NIGHT PLEASE SEND CUZ I WANNA POST EM,” adding, “F*** in prudes.”

This isn’t the first time Doja has had a wardrobe malfunction. In September last year, the singer had an uncomfortable moment at the Balmain fashion show in Paris when her mini dress slipped off stage. Nevertheless, the singer continued to perform.

Doga’s 27th birthday party was a star-studded event

Doja’s birthday party was a lavish affair with a theme inspired by the 1999 erotic movie closed eyes. A number of celebrities were seen at the party wearing elaborate black dresses with eye masks.

The guest list included some big names, including Justin and Hailey Bieber, who arrived with boyfriend Kendall Jenner. Other celebrities spotted at the event include Winnie Harlow, Ty Dolla Sign, Coy LeRay, Stacey Karanikolaou, Cole Bennett, Tyga, Niall Horan, and Normani.

The party was organized at WeHo at Raspoutine in Melrose, with hip-hop and jazz playing all night long. Doga sliced ​​a huge black and gold three-tiered cake for her 27th birthday.

Doga’s birthday message to her fans

Before the party, Doja posted a frosty message on her Instagram, wearing a ruffled nightgown and a black robe draped around her arms. The singer stood in her bathroom supporting a makeup-free look, her eyebrows appearing to have either bleached or shaved.

In the video, she shared a message to her 24 million Instagram followers, saying, “Hi everyone, it’s my birthday today, so I just wanted everyone to know that I’m going to keep tabs on every single one of you who doesn’t send wishing me a happy birthday.” She commented on the post jokingly, “It instills fear among the masses.”

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