How to Join a Netflix Show?

As a revival of the 2000s ABC original hit of the same name, itself a Belgian adaptation of ‘De Mol’, Netflix’s ‘The Mole’ lives up to its name and reputation at every turn. After all, it revolves around 12 players – technically 11 plus an insider – who face a series of challenges while trying to identify the instigator, just hopefully walking away with a big cash prize. So lies, suspicion and paranoia take center stage throughout the competition – so if you want to find out exactly how you could be a part of the same, we’ve got you covered.

How to join the role of Mole?

If you like a bit of spontaneous adventures and believe that you have what it takes to be a master manipulator of fate when it comes to subtleties, only then “Mole” is perfect for you. This is simply because its players are not only required to travel widely without always knowing much beforehand, but also to deceive, keep secrets, and deflect (or heighten) suspicion. Moreover, as strange as it sounds, even common sense is an important factor here, since most missions are quite demanding in this area, especially if they are not already free otherwise.

Image credit: Julian Panetta/Netflix

As for the actual audition process, we should first clarify that there is no open casting call for further installments of this heartwarming original. Although, given the streaming platform’s example, it’s likely to come in the near future, so all you have to do for now is keep your eyes open for information on various outlets. Again, there are two main things to watch out for Netflix’s official reality page and Casting Inc — the latter, ‘The Mole’, is the agency responsible for housing the personalities we saw in season 1.

Now, when the call is opened, the most important step for you would be to really go through and understand all the eligibility requirements to avoid even the smallest problems. There will be both the usual age and territory restrictions – you must be 18+ or a legal resident of the US or Canada – with a requirement that you have at least 6-8 weeks free to shoot. Then there’s the fact that you have to go through background checks, psychological exams, and other types of screenings to ensure you’re both physically and mentally strong.

If you meet these basic requirements, among several others, you will be able to go to the official application page without any worries to start the whole casting process. There, you’ll likely come across a form with a few questions about your personal life, which you’ll need to answer honestly to show your authentic self and have a real chance of landing the part of your dreams.

In other words, you will be asked to detail not only your name, age, state, occupation and social media platforms, but also your background, past experiences, expectations and ambitions. If you don’t want to go through all that – if the Netflix reality streaming page opens up to ‘The Mole’, you can simply share a 1-minute video of yourself being there.

The whole thing shouldn’t take more than an hour or two from start to finish, but it’s important to note that this is just the first step; The next part will only start if the producers choose to contact you to continue the work. So it’s all about making a lasting impression in your original application/video itself, so when we suggest you try to be as true to yourself as possible, we mean it.

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