‘Nigerians Ignorant Of Way Country Is Structured’

Simon Kolawle, founder of online newspaper TheCable, says Nigerians are ignorant of the way the state is being regulated

Newsonline Reports suggest that the founder of the online newspaper TheCable, Simon Kolawle, says Nigerians are ignorant of the way the country is organized, adding that politicians have found ways to capitalize on this ignorance in every election cycle.

As a result, he said, a president cannot change Nigeria.

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The former THISDAY editor said this on TVCriday while unveiling his new book –ellow Nigerians, it’s All Politics.

He said that the development of vital sectors in the country can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of leaders at all levels of government, not just the president.

Every election year we renew our hopes, opposition comes, we make promises and say the right things to make us happy. “We go through this cycle all the time,” he said.

“We renew our hope believing that this is the man who will change Nigeria. If this man becomes president, there will be no flood again, no ASUU strike, no one will have headaches again and no cockroaches.

We create these expectations, and then a week or two after the president takes office, we say that’s worse than the previous president.

I don’t think a single president can change Nigeria. I don’t think one person can change this country. When you talk about the development of a country, you are looking at the number of people who live in poverty, education and security. The things we see in other countries and want to go there.

“If you look at the way Nigeria is organized, it will not be the president who is in charge of basic education, it is under the local government, but we expect that it is the president who will handle that.

“We really don’t understand the way the system works, so we keep thinking that one man is going to do it. Of course, there are huge responsibilities for the president.”

“Politicians need to value human life”

Speaking about the quality of governance in the country, Kulaole said that if Nigerian politicians value human lives, they would govern better.

He called on politicians and leaders in the public service to think sincerely about handing over their duties to Nigerian citizens.

He said: There is a question I want to ask our politicians and that is why I want them to read this book. “Am I honestly doing my best for this local, state, and ministry?”

“If you really care about the value of life, the emergency services will work. If you really care about the quality of life people live, you will judge better.

“Because you will realize that this money I want to spend on travel could sink thousands of wells and save many more from dying of cholera.”

Kolawli’s first book is now on sale in leading bookstores across Nigeria as well as on Amazon.