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After private photos and videos of players were posted online, the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team and the athletic department are looking for answers.
The athletic department’s statement didn’t say much about the photos and video, but a source gave the Journal Sentinel a photo that the source said was one of the photos in question. It looks like it was taken after the team won the Big Ten championship last November. In the picture, you can see some of the team members posing with their sports bras up. One can now go through itsfunnydude11 Twitter to watch the leaked.

UW says that the pictures and video were not meant to be shown to the public.
“UWPD is not looking into whether the volleyball players did anything wrong,” the statement said. “Supporting our student-athletes is our top priority, and we are giving them the right services and tools.”itsfunnydude11 Twitter video now getting viral over the web.
UW says that when team members heard that the pictures were being shared, they called the university police. In a statement from the athletic department, the police said they are looking into a number of crimes, including sharing private photos without permission.

“The unauthorised sharing is a serious and wrong invasion of the privacy of the student-athletes, and it may have broken university rules and laws,” the statement said.
Most of the content that was put on websites without the players’ permission has been taken down.
Under coach Kelly Sheffield, the volleyball team at Wisconsin has been in the news because of how well they play. UW has played in the last threeinalours and reached the final three times in the last ten years. It is a national powerhouse and one of the most successful teams in the athletics department.

The team is ranked No. 5 in the country. It has a record of 13-3 and is 7-1 in the Big Ten. UW’s next game is against Michigan State onriday at 7 p.m. at the UWield House.

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