The end of Halloween: let’s take a look at the soundtrack

Halloween Ends featured a slew of jump scares that kept us busy and panicked. But in addition to the amazing viewing experience, people were curious about something else.

We’re not talking about Michael Myers here, we’re talking about the soundtrack to this horror movie. Don’t you think it’s worth exploring? But first, in the slasher movie, Laurie Strode and her granddaughter Allyson must deal with Michael Myers’ constant threat and the consequences of his attacks on the people of Haddonfield.

Critics have given mixed opinions about Halloween Ends, claiming it was confusing and overlooked countless opportunities.

Every song featured in the horror movie “Halloween Ends”

While watching the movie, the music increased everyone’s curiosity and interest. Here are the songs that appeared in the movie.

Oillipheist,ear to You by Joseph Stevens

Midnight monsters jumps from Jack and Jim

At the beginning of the movie, the song is heard playing. On Halloween night, Cory goes to Allen’s house to take care of Jeremy.

Don’t Let the Devil Get You Down by Walt Richardson

Toccata andungi in de Menor, BWC 565 by Johann Sebastian Bach

License to Obfuscate by Sebadoh

Misbehavin by Marteen

Halloween by Dead Kennedys

Come 2 to me by Johnny Goth

This is the song that was heard during the motorcycle riding scene in the movie.

This time I’m in love with Zeus

Chase Me Baby by Boa Constructors

Devil’s Night by Donnie Elbert and thelame

Burned by the cruelest boy

Burn it – Rework with a boy’s pen is tougher

tell me your eyes [Just Be You] By Rob Galbraith

I was W a werewolf teen of cramps

(Don’t miss) combine harvester by Blue Oyster Cult

Now all the music mentioned below has been composed by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davis.

Where is Jeremy?

The End of Halloween (Main Title)

Lori’s topic ends

the cave

cute baby

drag into the cave

evil eyes


Because of you

Requiem for Jeremy

kill the cop

Corey and Michael

Korean Mass

scrap yard

Where are you?

bye bye korean


in front of her eyes


Cherry flowers

The end of Halloween

As Carpenter joked, “Let me explain to you about filmmaking: If you take the dollar sign and attach it to anything, someone will want to make a sequel. They will live. If the dollar sign isn’t big enough, whatever the circumstances, you won’t live.”

I don’t know, man. I don’t know. This time, I don’t know. They really want it to end. They will close it and finish it. That’s what David thinks. this is good.”

Jason Bloom said, “We arranged three films. We had a three-picture marriage with Michael Myers. I would like to extend it. If Malik [Akkad] I’d like us, I’d like to extend it, but we’re too busy making sure the third movie is amazing because that’s our immediate job and if it gets past that, I’ll be happy.

But there are currently no plans for our participation after this third film.”

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