Root reasons for each team in the 2022 World Cup quarter-finals

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The field of teams in the top eight in 2022 league of legends The world championship is set, and chances are, you’re looking for a new team to support. Two-thirds of the championship attendees were eliminated from the event, which means there is a high chance your horse will be cut off from the race. In addition, if you are a westerner league From a fan, your favorite team will most likely already be decimated and you may be looking for a new team to stick with, anyway.

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Fortunately, the remaining teams in Worlds are filled with narratives of events to watch, and players talented to take notes and reasons to get on their wagons. rom the new Schools contenders looking to make some noise, veteran players looking for a ring, and the prospect of potential breeds, this year’s Worlds knockout stage has a little something for everyone.

No matter your reason for watching the pro leagueYou probably have at least one good reason for choosing a new team. Here’s a case that explains why every team competing in the knockout stage of the 2022 World Championships should jump in the hype train.

JD Jiming

Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

After the group stage events, JD the games stand out The Candidates for the World Championship. The top seed in the LPL may be the most powerful team in the league, if not all esports now. During the group stage, they averaged 125 kills in total over seven games, while being the only team to average more than once per minute, according to league Tracker stats Oracle Elixir. Nobody in the world is better at playing from behind, and not many are much better at playing with progression than JDG. It’s hard to bet against this team, so if you’re one of the favorites, JDG is an obvious choice.

a fraud

Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

This is a clear. Rogue is the last Western team still in competition at the Worlds, after the disastrous performance of the rest of the LEC and LCS in the group stage. If you are one of those fans who hail from the West to their last breath, Rogue is your only option left.

General J

Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

Peanut and Chovy make up the most lopsided mid-forest duo in Worlds when it comes to the talent/title ratio. They’ve had eight World Championships between them, and their teams — including the 2019 Griffin, 2017 SKT and 2016 Rox Tigers — have traditionally entered the tournament as deep tour candidates, but neither Chovy nor Peanut came out over the top. Gen.G is a strong tournament favorite in the 2022 World Championships, so if you’re looking for a top-tier competitor with a bit of a destiny, it could be your team.


Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

DWG KIA came just one match away from winning the world title for the second time in a row last season. If they had killed Edward the games After leading 2-1 in last year’s final, we were talking about three potential losses. DAMWON is the closest thing to a permanent title contender league Since SK Telecom teams mid-2010. While DWG KIA isn’t exactly a Worlds favorite, the top trio of Nuguri, Canyon and ShowMaker can never be counted. If you’re a fan of consistency and have a chance of modern domination, root for potential “Damon Dynasty.”


Photo by Lance Secondrich via Riot Games

In most sports, watching the same team win over and over again becomes boring. but not much league Fans will be pissed off at the idea of ​​Faker winning another world championship. The greatest undisputed player of all time went through another group stage at the World Championships where he and T1 only lost one match. In fact,aker has never attended the World Championships where he has not finished top of his group, and in all of his six world matches, he has never come out before at least the semi-finals. If you’re all about history, reliability, and a bit of passion, there’s no shame in attracting the winning (and franchise) player of all time.

Royal never give up

Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

If any team has a constant sense of “unfinished business” in the profession league, It is RNG. After losing two World Cup finals in a row in 2013 and 2014, the team has not returned to the finals of the tournament since then. As a consolation prize, they became the first team in history to win a third invitation mid-season earlier this year. If you’re one of those people who are eager to exhale and are finally celebrating by reeling in the “big guy,” then RNG is your team.


Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

The last time DRX made it to the top eight in the World Championships, they were instantly bounced out of the championship by the DAMWON Gaminginal Champion. This year, DRX has two players returning from that team at Pyosik and Deft, the latter still looking for his first world title in his twelfth year as a professional. As an all-time great player, the last thing Daft needs to get out of his career is the ‘chip’. If you’ve been a long-time fan of true-to-life stories, DRX could be your team.

Edward Jimming

Photo by Colin Young Wolf via Riot Games

There is no better story on the websites than a dynasty. With all five players who lifted Edward Gaming’s Summoner’s Cup back to the World Championships this season, the team has a first-class chance to establish itself as one of the strongest squads in the league History must win again. ive years from now, when people look at the 2021-2022 EDG’s list as one of the best ever, you could say “I was there” if you jumped on the bandwagon now.