PDP Crisis: Atiku, Ayu Have Sidelined Me- PDP Women Leader Cries Out

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) women’s leader Professor Stella Effah Otoi has shouted that the party’s national leadership, national president, Ayo Iorcia, and presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, are staying away from her from performing her office duties at rallies.

Newsonline Reports said Stella at two rallies held in Oyo, Akwa Ibom and Kaduna states said the party leadership neglected her office and invited another woman to speak to PDP women and other supporters.

The leader added that while this anomaly was brought to the attention of the party leadership, the Kaduna assembly demonstrated that the national leadership led by Ayo and the party’s presidential candidate Atiku, were deliberate in their actions.

Professor Stella Evah-Ato, in an exclusive interview with Bunch, “The recent attempts were as follows: At thelag Raising Ceremony of the PDP Campaigns in Oyo, Akwa Ibom State, October 10, 2022, here, the earnest attempts were to prevent me from addressing the PDP audience at a stadium Uyo. It should be noted here that it is a customary tradition in our party for the national leader and the national youth leader to address gatherings jointly with the party’s candidates, party chiefs, and others.

“Unfortunately, in Oyo, every attempt was made to prevent me from addressing the party followers. I was told that there was a clear directive not to allow me to speak to the crowd. It got to the point of being ridiculous for these agents, inviting Senator Usheyi Ekonev to speak to the public on behalf of Democratic Party women. progressive.

“Senator Ikounev was very embarrassed, but urged to do so. Eom Josephine Anineh, a former national leader of the PDP, drew the attention of some party leaders to this anomaly. It was then that I was reluctantly called to address the public on behalf of the women of the PDP. This did not pass The unfortunate development goes unnoticed by party believers, who find the entire drama too embarrassing and childish.

“At the PDP Kaduna Gathering on Monday October 7, 2022. At the event, the National Youth Leader was invited to address the crowd on behalf of the PDP youth, which he did very well, to impress the audience. I was physically present at the event in Kaduna. I was even seated Next to the national youth leader.But no one called me to address the public on behalf of the DPP women.

“Instead, the show was a very ridiculous advertisement that invited Dr. Baraka Sani (Director of PDP Support Groups, on the Campaign Board), to address the crowd on behalf of the DPP women. The entire audience was surprised, startled, and confused. People started asking questions there and then. Many have questioned why the young national leader was called up to perform his traditional and official role, while the national leader was deliberately prevented from fulfilling her role.

“There and then, some people tried to explain this unfortunate scenario in different colors. While many people found the incident very offensive, I smiled at the unfortunate incident in full sympathy for the perpetrators of such a childish display of character.

“It may interest you to know that what happened has gone viral, to the disgust of many Nigerians. Specifically, the Kaduna event has seriously painted our great party in a negative light. Very very sad indeed.

“Well, on that note, it has become very clear that there are some distracting elements within our great party that are bent on frustrating me in the performance of my legal duties as the national leader of the People’s Democratic Party. This is totally unacceptable. May I state here clearly that I cannot and will not give up Never any undue attempt to frustrate me in the performance of my official duties.

“I will continue to perform my duties to the best of my ability and for the benefit of our esteemed team, within the limits of my safety and the level of tolerance around me.

“The purpose of this detailed analysis, is to bring to the attention of the members of the PDP National Action Committee these strange developments taking place around my office and therefore my humble person. I ask God Almighty to touch our dear hearts in order to enable us to critically assess and act upon this unholy and isolated attemptor hurting and marginalizing my office and my humble self. Thank you and God bless us all.”