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Kayla Unbehaun, 9, of Elgin, Illinois, witnessed a strange missing person incident when she disappeared from her mother’s home. Kayla’s father, Ryan Iskerka, was visiting his daughter’s mother, Heather Unbehaun, when he noted that both had disappeared. Ryan tries to investigate on his own, but none of Heather’s acquaintances know where she is, forcing the father to go to the authorities. If you’re interested in this case and want to find out if Kayla has been found, we’ve got you covered.

What happened to Kayla Unbehaun?

Kayla Unbehaun was just nine years old when she disappeared, and she lived with her father, Ryan Iskerka, in Elgin, Illinois. People who knew Kayla described her as a lively and cheerful person who loved going to school and spending time with her friends. A bright student with good grades, Kayla was always quite close to her father and would often accompany him to various events or spend a quiet evening playing board games together. Plus, like kids her age, Kayla loved to dress up and like her mom Heather Unbehaun, she had a penchant for trendy jewelry and hippie-style clothing.

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Heather and Ryan were happily in a relationship before Kayla was born and were even looking forward to getting married. However, Ryan is mentioned about a few weeks after the birth of their daughter, Heather decided to end the relationship and move away. During the split, Healthier and Ryan were involved in a lengthy custody battle, after which the two were awarded joint custody of Kayla. While Kayla’s mother was not happy with the decision, her ex-girlfriend noted that she could never have predicted the course of events that changed her life forever.

In July 2017, Kayla was visiting her mother in Wheaton, Illinois, and the two planned to go camping. Since the 9-year-old was due to return to her father on July 5, 2017, Ryan drove to his ex-girlfriend’s mother’s house to pick up Kayla. But when he got home, he found that the place was locked and no one was inside. Worried and worried, Ryan started asking around and learned that Heather had left the area with Kayla. However, her neighbors did not know where Heather had gone and noted that they had not contacted her. Having no other way out, Ryan immediately approached the police and reported the incident.

Is Kayla Unbehaun found or missing?

We regret to inform you that Kayla Unbehaun is still missing and her current whereabouts are unknown. However, the police are determined to close the case quickly and Kayla’s father is confident that he will be reunited with his daughter. After police took over the case in July 2017, they canvassed the area around Heather’s home in hopes of finding a key lead or witness that would speed up the investigation. They even searched several local places where Kayla could be taken and interviewed several of Heather’s acquaintances, but to no avail.

Eventually, the police received a tip that Heather and Kayle had been seen at a fair in Wheaton, but nothing came of it. Authorities discovered that Heather had deactivated all of her social media profiles and was careful not to leave a trail online, which could be her trail. Then, a few months after Kayla’s disappearance, a judge granted Ryan full custody of her daughter. Unfortunately, except for a few others it was assumed There are no updates on the incident at the time of surveillance in Athens, Georgia, although police and US marshals are working together on the case to get a quick result.

Where is Heather Unbehaun today?

On July 29, 2017, authorities concluded the initial investigation and made a felony arrest. warrant As for Heather, she was charged with one count of kidnapping. The decision made Heather a fugitive, and several deputy marshals were on the hunt for her and Kayla. Meanwhile, authorities investigated his connections and discovered that he had several contacts with people living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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During the questioning, Ryan Iskerka mentioned that he and Heather had lived in Athens, Georgia for a while, and that his ex had always admired the city. Ryan then revealed that Heather always wanted to have a private life in Athens, and that’s where she believes she took Kayla. Authorities even received quite a few spots in Athens, Georgia, although none of the leads worked.

Currently, age-related photos of Kayla have been distributed to various law enforcement agencies and the public, as authorities encourage anyone with information to step forward. Moreover, Heather’s felony arrest warrant remains outstanding and she is still considered a fugitive from the law. While law enforcement is sure to get Kayla home safely, Ryan has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of private detectives. Kayla’s dad even wrote a heart-wrenching letter to his little girl on her birthday in 2020, insisting that he won’t stop until Kayla comes home safe and sound.

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