Kyle Newman says he broke up, claims his ex-wife Jaime King didn’t pay him child and husband support

Kyle Newman claimed that his ex-wife Jaime King did not pay him the court-ordered money, leaving him “to the point where he can’t afford to live”.

The 46-year-old director, who is undergoing a chaotic divorce from his wife, says his ex-wife and actress have not provided him with any child and husband support. Newman also filed court documents, alleging that Jaime had offered his family’s home for sale without his consent.

Kyle Newman claims he broke after not receiving spousal support

In documents filed in court, fanboys The outlet revealed that Jaime was supposed to pay him $429 per month in child support and $1,000 per month in spousal support, according to court orders issued in April 2022. However, he did not receive any payment from white chicks star.

Newman went on to claim that the 43-year-old actress also took $500,000 from her retirement accounts and listed her family’s home for sale without his consent. Neumann alleges that $1.75 million in property holdings have also been frozen. He also stated that he had to take money from his pension funds because he was unable to make ends meet.

Neumann says he gave up a career for his children

The director went on to claim that he put his career on hold to be a full-time stay-at-home dad and take care of his children, James, 9, and Leo, 7, while Jaime continued to work as an actress to earn a family. living.

He has now asked the court to order Jaime to pay more than $700,000 in legal fees and proceedings from the sale of their home. He also asked the judge to impose a $50,000 fine on her for defying court orders.

Newman’s attorney, Gary Jecht, had some tough things to say about this case. “While payers of child support mistakenly believe that by not paying the other parent they somehow manage to impress their ex, child support actually belongs to the children for whom the order was made,” he said in a statement.

He added, “The sad and simple truth is that any time a parent fails in their court-imposed child support obligation towards their children, harm and damage are inflicted on their children first and foremost.”

Newman and King have been stuck in a divorce battle for two years

Newman and King first met on the sets of their movie fanboys in 2005. They soon fell in love and married in 2007 in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles. The couple welcomed their first son, James, in 2014, followed by Leo in 2016.

However, things later got worse, as King filed for divorce from the manager in May 2020, and also received a restraining order issued against him. Newman responded by saying that his wife was a drug addict, which she denied. Since then, the divorce has gotten ugly, and the proceedings are still ongoing.

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