How to do the Kucherov deke in NHL 23!

One of the more impressive dekes done in the NHL in recent years is the fake deke, otherwise known as the Kucherov. Lightning winger Nikita Kucherov was able to pull off a sneaky mover where he faked out and beat a goaltender, simply by faking a shot, and letting the puck slide through past the netminder. It might sound odd, but it’s not a bad option if a goalie appears to be locked in on a particular move. So, how can you do the Kucherov in NHL 23? Let’s take a look.

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How to do the Kucherov deke in NHL 23

To do the Kucherov/fake deke in NHL 23, you’ll first want to set up by using a stride deke. To perform a stride deke, follow these controls:

  1. Press LB/L1 and then shift the left stick to either the left or the right. The direction that you shift it will depend on whether your skater is left-handed or right-handed.
  2. For left-handed shots, shift the Left Stick to the right.
  3. For right-handed shots, move this stick to the left.

From here, you’ll need to put the puck on your backhand. This can be done by shifting the right analog stick to the left for a right-handed shot, or to the right for a left-handed shot.

Those are the controls for the fake deke. This move can be incredibly hard to pull off in a game, however, so it might be best to save this in case you go into a Shootout. Or, it can be helpful against human goalies in online play, especially those who may not be too handy with the sticks.