Adam Collard is back with his ex after breaking up with Paige Thorne

Adam Collard re-followed his ex Claudia Proctor while unfollowing Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne on Instagram

Adam Collard sparked rumors that he was back with his ex-girlfriend before his first Love Island mission in 2018.

The Love Island rider, 26, of Newcastle, has sparked speculation that he’s reuniting with Claudia Proctor after his split from Paige Thorne, 24, bringing his former girlfriend back four years later.

Adam and Claudia were in a relationship for several years before spending time in the villa and even going on a series of vacations.

Adam Collard sparked rumors that he is meeting his ex-girlfriend (Image: Getty)

Rumors come when Paige and Adam split after the latter’s betrayal was questioned as a The video has gone viral From a personal trainer having fun with a mysterious blonde girl at McDonald’s.

The pair, who narrowly missed the Love Island 2022 final, unfollowed each other on Instagram and avoided each other during the National Television Awards last Thursday (October 13).

Adam Confirmed to Britain SunAfter appearing at Wembley Arena last week, he and Paige are no longer together – just over two months into the Love Island 2022 final.

Adam and Paige met at Love Island 2022 but narrowly missed the ITV show final (Image: Getty)

He said, “We’re not together. The things that happen. But I mean, she’s a great girl.”

Sources close to the couple say cracks began to appear between the couple after Paige was left “insulted” from photos of Adam being shared with other women.

Jordi’s personal trainer is no stranger to being labeled a “womanier” after being linked to Kendall Ray Knight, Rosie Williams and Zara McDermott among others from his appearances on Love Island in 2018.

Adam Collard and Rosie Williams (Image: ITV)

Despite this, Paige is said to be “really upset” about everything that happened between the pair.

Jose reported A source said, “Paige is really upset about everything that has happened and feels like she is being humiliated.

“Paige told Adam she needed a break and some time away from him…Life has been non-stop for Paige since she left the villa and some time with her friends and family is exactly what she needed – and what she chose to do.”

Bored of single life, Paige is ready to enter the villa and finally find true love.

Paige announced her collaboration with clothing storeorever Unique in August for the release of her party wear collection.