Worldood Day: My Policy To End Hunger If Elected- Peter Obi

Laure’s presidential candidate in the 2023 election has detailed his plan for how to end hunger in the country if he is elected on the anniversary of Worldood Day.

Newsonline Peter Obi has reportedly stated that the country is in the web of food inflation that has brought hunger to the citizens as a result of a high level of insecurity and apparent neglect of the agricultural sector.

The former Governor of Anambra State said this on Sunday, October 16, in celebration of Worldood Day 2022 by the United Nations to draw the attention of world leaders to the issue of hunger worldwide and its impact on children.

The Labor Party presidential candidate argued that without farmers’ access to farms as a result of bandits there could be no end to hunger in the country, leading to food price inflation.

He said that if elected insecurity is going to be the first issue to be addressed directly in line with his agenda to move the country from consumption to production.

Peter Obe said, “The high level of insecurity and apparent neglect of the agricultural sector, among other factors such as the flooding of farmland, are responsible for the prevailing food price inflation that is severely affecting the country today.

“While insecurity has driven farmers away from their farmlands, a lack of investment in agriculture has kept the sector underperforming. In accordance with our vision of moving the country from consumption to production, I will address insecurity as my number one priority in the government, while ensuring that the vast scattered lands are invested in All parts of the country, especially in the north, are doing well, to produce food in large quantities. . . ”