Don’t Vote Peter Obi, Atiku, You Don’t Know Them, Give My 95%

Paula Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the ruling Progressive Congress, called on the Yoruba people not to vote for Peter Obi or Atiku Abubakar, in the 2023 elections.

Newsonline Reports stated that Tinubu called on the Yoruba to give him 95% of their vote, stating that they knew he was their son but did not know the two Labor presidential candidates, Peter Obi and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate. Atiku Abu Bakr.

Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State, said this while addressing the crowd at the inauguration ceremony of the new governor of Ekiti State, Abiodun Oibangi, in Ado Ekiti, the state capital.

The GPC presidential candidate said, “Another election is coming byebruary. Will you be ready? Shine your eyes. Don’t forget your PVC.”

And Tinubu added, “They’re coming; one will say it’s Atiku. One will call oneself Peter Obi. You don’t know them.”

“The only person you know is Paula Ahmed Tinubu and you should get 95 percent of your vote.”

The ethnic statement of the GPC candidate comes after the statement of the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, who told northerners in Kaduna not to vote for Tinubu and Peter Obi, stating that the north needs a president from the north who understands their problems and challenges.

At an event organized by the Arewa Consultativeorum (ACF) for the public, Atiku said, “What an ordinary northern citizen needs is someone from the north who also understands this part of the country and has been able to build bridges across the country.”

He added, “This is what northerners need, he does not need a Yoruba or Igbo candidate, I stand before you as a Nigerian of northern origin.”