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Eliza writes of herself doing adventurous, expressive things in front of the mirror. His 150+ Onlyfans post received 3.6k likes. It is interesting. In 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey wanted to allow users to update their status via SMS. Twitter was originally a messaging service.

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Social media spreads information quickly, but it’s not always important (like Kim Kardashian’s makeup tips). The potential of Twitter is immense. It can connect you with your neighbor or someone in Thailand. Your feed can include professionals, news sites, celebrities, comedians or friends.

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As Twitter evolved into an online platform, the restriction was maintained because it aligned with its brand: Twitter aims to provide skimable content for our technology-driven, attention-deficit society. Twitter’s growth has been exponential for a decade.

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The idea was created by Dorsey’s co-founder Evan Williams. During the 2007 South By Southwest Interactive event, over 60,000 tweets were sent. After the convention, Twitter’s user base grew. The 140 character limit was originally set by mobile providers, not Twitter.

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On October 1, 2022, TikTok’s Twitter account was trending and people started discussing a viral video shared by the user. The new Twitter account has 7,000 followers. @Eliza59111 shared Eliza’s video with a link to her subscription-based business and asked viewers to subscribe.

name Highsstn
Viral history October 03, 2022
Viral platform Twitter, Reddit and Social Media
Video Yes
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