Who Is Adrien’sather in Black Butterflies? Why did Adrien kill Albert?

Netflix’s ‘Black Butterflies’ is arench television series created by Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle. Also known as Les Papillons Noirs, the crime drama revolves around writer Adrien Winckler. Adrien is struggling to deliver his second novel and accepts an old man’s offer to write his memoirs. While Adrien hopes the case will help him solve his writer’s block, the story leads Adrien to discover dark truths about his past. Adrien learns his true parentage, which leads to a shocking murder at his hands. Therefore, the audience must have questions about the mysterious past of the author. In that case, let’s break down everything you need to know about Adrien’s father and Albert’s death in Black Butterflies. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Adrien’sather?

At the beginning of Black Butterflies, viewers learn that Adrien is unsure about his past and knows very little about his father. According to his mother Catherine, his father was Wim Wrinkler and belonged to a wealthy family in Brussels. But he died under mysterious circumstances, and the Wrinkles cut Catherine and Adrien out of their lives. Adrien tries to reconnect with his family, but his efforts are thwarted by Vim’s brother. Meanwhile, Adrien began writing Albert’s memoirs. As Albert’s story progresses, Adrien realizes that this is not a love story. Instead, it’s a confession of crimes by Albert and his girlfriend, Solange.

Eventually, Adrien realizes that Albert has been faking some details about the story and lying to him. So Adrien confronts Albert and demands the whole truth. Albert reveals that he is Adrien’s biological father. After Solange realized she was pregnant, she ran away from Albert. Solange wanted more of a criminal lifestyle and fled to Brussels. She soon married Wim Wrinkler and gave birth to a son named Adrien. Therefore, Wim Wrinkler is not Adrien’s biological father. His real father is Albert.

Why did Adrien kill Albert?

At first, Adrien’s relationship with Albert is quite simple. Adrien is a writer and Albert hires him to write his memoir. However, Adrien begins to worry as Albert slowly begins to share his life story, his whirlwind romance with Solange and their serial murders. Eventually, Albert reveals that Adrien is his biological son. Albert learned of Adrien’s existence through Detective Carrel. What’s more, Albert and Adrien have the same rare type of diabetes that can only be passed on biologically. Therefore, there is no doubt that Albert is Adrien’s father.

Albert explains that he felt compelled to communicate with his son after learning of Adrien’s existence. Albert wants his son to know about his life and experiences. So he hires Adrien as a dreamer under the pretense of writing his memoirs. However, Albert’s true intention is to get to know his son. However, when Adrien reveals parts of the truth, Albert has no choice but to meet Adrien.

Adrien does not take kindly to the revelation of his real parentage. Albert’s confession turns Adrien’s life upside down. As a result, Adrien suffocates Albert with a pillow and kills him. Adrien’s actions lead him into a new darkness. During her time with Albert, Adrien finds herself influenced by elements of her own life story.

After discovering the jealousy between Albert and Solange, Adrien’s own married life begins to deteriorate. Moreover, she becomes increasingly restless and preoccupied with telling Albert’s story. However, the discovery of his father’s identity catches Adrien completely off guard. Adrien killing Albert represents the effect of Albert’s story on Adrien’s mind. Therefore, Adrien’s killing of Albert is solely the result of Albert’s own actions. And so Albert meets a tragic end at the hands of his own son.

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