Where Is The Mole Contestant Now? Refresh

With Netflix’s reboot of the ABC original of the same name – which proudly ran from 2001 to 2008 – we get a real insight into how money and paranoia can turn people. After all, it’s a racing series where 12 players complete countless challenges in hopes of winning big cash prizes, all while trying to uncover the dark subversive in their midst. Greg Shapiro was among them in that debut installment, but he unfortunately eliminated himself in episode 8 – so now, if you want to learn more about him, we’ve got the essential details for you.

“Journey of the Mole” by Greg Shapiro

The moment Greg and his colleagues set foot on Australian soil, he made quite an image of himself using the calming triangle to calm the disparate, floating energies. He didn’t say anything to the others at this point, but admitted that his strategy was to “become a kind of guru to the group—to get people involved and to trust me.” This is because he has managed to do so for a while, essentially aiming to build close alliances and influence opinion without having to share his suspicions openly.

So the problems only arose when Greg’s decisions didn’t work out, or when he let his reactive, egocentric self take over (because he performed well as a team player); he just loved drama. The fact that he never lied, but successfully manipulated the truth – a prime example was in the third mission, the code search – led many to suspect (wrongly) that he might be a mole. Thus, his mixed suspicions of tall girl Kesi Neblett and quietly amiable Jacob Hacker eventually cleared his name, leading to his unexpected elimination in episode 8.

Where is Greg Shapiro now?

From what we can tell, Greg is currently based in Seattle where he proudly serves as the Consumer Insights and Rewards Manager as well as Marketing Research Professional at City Experiences. A graduate of Vassar College (2012; BA in Media Studies), she truly specializes in travel and entertainment strategies to help clients build stronger relationships with their audiences. Picking up her street skills from the literal streets of New York City, the Jersey Shore native is certified in not only Zumba and Scuba Diving, but also Yoga and Reiki.

It’s worth noting that Greg comes from a strong, traditional Jewish family, which he’s undeniably proud of, but he’s also quite the free spirit himself. So he traveled to more than 40 countries while writing, and traveled all over the world, whether in Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, orlorida and California. Honestly, the 32-year-old has no plans to ever slow down, let alone stop, so we can’t wait to watch his next adventure.

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