Marlon Wayans has worn the classic Run-DMC look every Halloween for a decade

Marlon Wayans, known for the popular WB sitcom The Wayans Bros. , featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show He revealed why he didn’t wear a Halloween costume until he turned 30. The comedian has also been involved in wearing the samely Run-DMC costume on him for over a decade. Also, read on to find out all about his love for scary movies after the release of Curse of the Bridge Halo.

No Halloween until Marlon’s 30

Kelly Marlon asked, “You said your family didn’t do Halloween when I was younger?” Marlon revealed that his father was a Jehovah’s Witness, so he didn’t do any Halloween. But again, he mentioned that he and his brother did it but didn’t wear any costumes but their dad would never participate.

If you weren’t aware, Jehovah’s Witnesses are a “millennial restoration Christian denomination with beliefs that are non-Jewish and different from mainstream Christianity.” They believe that the destruction of the current world order in Armageddon (New Testament) is imminent and that the establishment of the kingdom of God is the solution to the problems facing humanity.

As for Halloween, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate Halloween or birthdays. They believe that the holiday is associated with Satanism or paganism. or them, the practice is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Bible. Due to its association with witchcraft, they believe that the celebration of Halloween will taint their worship of the Lord Jesus. As for birthdays, they believe that Jesus never asked for his birthday to be celebrated.

Marlon revealed that he would dress like Sean (his brother) and that he would dress like him. And they’d be like, “Who are you? I’m Sean and he’s Marlon. We were basically begging. We just wanted some free money and candy.”

When Marlon was asked, “What was the first time you really dressed up for Halloween?” a shocked Kelly Clarkson asked, “Wait what, how about your twenties?” He revealed that his dad didn’t allow it and it was still on his ears so he felt his dad could still slap him for doing it. He joked, “You know how skinny I was.”

Wearing the Run-DMC costume for over a decade

Marlon added that once his father turned 60, he decided to celebrate Halloween. “Sit fat behind you,” he joked about his father as he lost his fitness at the time and is no longer a threat. He stated that he always wanted to look funny for Halloween, and look good at the same time. Therefore, he continued to wear his Run-DMC Halloween costume for 10 consecutive years.

It was convenient, he added, because “you’ve got to throw in a dope tracksuit from Adidas and you’ll get your glasses and your deer and hit that pose as you fly.” Kelly replied, “I’ve got the opposite, I want to be like Beetlejuice.”

Now, those who know nothing of Run-DMC, remember Bob Marley, the underrated god of style of all times. or him, mastering “casual elegance” was his signature style. Marley was actually dressed up as if he was getting ready for a soccer match. Before the hip-hop band Run-DMC made it permanent, it was Bob Marley who did the job of making Adidas great.

FYI, Run-DMC is considered one of the most influential works in the history of hip hop culture and one of the most popular hip hop acts of the 1980s. The band members wore classic adidas T-shirts, track bottoms, oversized glasses, and a bucket hat.

Kelly continued the conversation by asking Marlon about his fiftieth birthday. I asked, “Was the party fun?” Marlon replied, “Yeah, I turned 50 and you know it’s funny because I didn’t throw any party. I threw like three.” He mentioned that this family was going to throw him a party, but he looked at the guest list and it was weird.

He added, “Because I know a lot of people from the industry who love, and you know friends, family, and you can’t throw everyone at the party. He said the guest list was funny, including names like Nas, Aunty Trudy, and Baby Ivory. So he decided he might He holds three parties.

Marlon’s love of scary movies…

Kelly Clarkson revealed the poster for Marlon Wayans’ Netflix movie The Curse of The Bridge Hallow, a family-friendly horror comedy. Kelly told Marlon that she loved the movie and watched it with her children. The movie was released yesterday (October 14) on Netflix and is about a man and his daughter, who must team up to save their town after an ancient and deceitful spirit revives their Halloween decorations and wreaks havoc.

Marlon has also done some scary movies, like Scary movie And the the house is haunted Kelly asked, “Do you like making scary movies?” Marlon replied, “Well, that’s different,” he said, referring to his new movie on Netflix. He added, “I’m glad when I said: I watched it with my kids.” This is probably one of the first films I’ve done in my horror comedy career. And you can watch it with your kids.”

He added, “A scary movie?” You cannot watch it with your children. It’s fluid all over the place and will answer a lot of questions.” He cited an example by talking about his previous movie Haunted House, where he was with a doll and was doing all kinds of crazy things. But this movie is kid-friendly and it’s a good family movie.

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