How to watch “The Curse Of Bridge Hollow” online

The Curse of Bridge Hollow has already been released, and it’s worth watching. The question is where to watch the movie. We’ve got you covered there. The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a horror movie about a father with a Halloween theme.

In the movie, a teenage girl inadvertently resurrects an old and malevolent spirit on Halloween, causing the decorations to revive and causing chaos, and must team up with the last person she wants to save her town – her father. Let’s explore the streaming platform.

How do you watch The Curse Of Bridge Hollow?

The movie premiered on October 14, 2022. The popular streaming platform Netflix made The Curse Of Bridge Hollow available to watch. The movie will be available exclusively there, and viewing will require a subscription.

So, if you’re looking for a free hour because you don’t want to commit to a subscription, there are none. Unlike other streaming platforms, Netflix does not even offer free trial periods.

If you decide Netflix is ​​not right for you, you can change your plan or cancel online at any time, depending on the platform. Netflix has a number of plans to suit your entertainment needs. You will be charged monthly as a member of Netflix on the date of registration.

A month’s subscription to Netflix costs $9.99 for the basic version, $15.99 for the standard version, and $19.99 for the premium version. On November 3, 2022, Netflix will launch a new basic version with an ad plan for $6.99 per month. If you’re looking for a subscription, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Is “The Curse Of Bridge Hollow” Available In Theaters?

It would be great to see The Curse Of Bridge Hollow on the big screens. If you would like to watch the movie in theaters, it is currently unavailable. We mentioned before that it is available exclusively on the streaming platform.

There are only streaming options instead of in-person viewing. Netflix describes the series by writing, “A father who hates Halloween reluctantly teams up with his teenage daughter when an evil spirit brings chaos by making their city’s decorations come alive.”

A look at the cast of “The Curse of the Hollow Bridge”

Let’s take a quick look at the members who appeared in the movie.

  • Briaerguson as Sydney
  • Marlon Wayans as Howard [Sydney’sather]
  • Kelly Rowland as Emily
  • Lauren Labcus as Mayor Tammy
  • John Michael Higgins as Directorloyd
  • Holly J. Barrett as Jimmy
  • Miles Vincent Perez as Mario
  • Abi Monterrey as Ramona
  • Rob Riggle as Sulli
  • Nia Vardalos as Mrs. Hawthorne
  • Helen Slayton Hughes as Victoria Hawthorne

Director Jeff Waldo spoke about the film and said, “Well, I wanted to work with Marlon for a while. We had a general meeting. We have very similar sensitivities and like to work in different genres and play in some kind of mashup, as I call them. And look: Netflix is ​​the biggest show in town.” Every filmmaker wants to work with them.

And they sent me the script, and as a writer and director I often write or rewrite my own projects. And the premise is there, the characters were there. It needed a little tweaking, but overall, it felt like it was really working, so I was excited to jump in and start getting ready. “

The movie is also not available on any other platforms, including Prime, Hulu, and others. Well, are you planning to keep up with this new Halloween movie? We welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.