How to download and share created rosters in NHL 23!

Roster sharing was a feature that was requested for years by the EA Sports NHL community. After a rather long wait, the feature was implemented as part of a post-content update in NHL 22.ast forward to NHL 23, and roster sharing is back. Much like in other sports games, users do have the option to download custom rosters made by the community, or upload rosters into the database. So, how can you do either? Let’s take a look.

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How to download and share created rosters in NHL 23

To start the process, begin by going to the Main Menu in NHL 23. Using LB/RB (for Xbox) or L1/R1 (for PlayStation), scroll over to the ‘More’ section of the menu.rom there, select the ‘Roster Sharing’ tab.

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Here, users will be able to download roster files, as well as share any custom rosters made. To download rosters, tap on the ‘Download Communityiles.’ When you go through the files already submitted by the NHL community, you’ll be able to see the roster’s creator, likes, downloads, and an applicable description. Searching for a file can be done by clicking X/Square.

If you have a roster to share, click on the ‘Share Youriles’ tab. By doing that, followed by hitting Y/Triangle, users can save their active roster and then upload it into the NHL database. The active roster can be toggled by clicking on ‘Active Rosters’ tab.

Lastly, users can sort through custom rosters that were downloaded through the ‘My Downloads’ tab. To activate one, go to the tab, click the roster with Y/Triangle, followed by selecting ‘Apply Roster.’ That will make a downloaded roster the active default roster. If you want to go back to an official EA Sports roster, go to ‘Active Rosters, and hit it with A/X and accept the terms.

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