ASUU Strike: Atiku Promises Better Days In Education If Elected

Presidential candidate from the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar promised that his administration would invest heavily in the education sector to avoid a repeat of the ASU strikes if elected.

Newsonline Atiku reportedly stated that although the university faculty union called off an eight-month conditional strike, his administration would chart a new course and prioritize education when elected in 2023.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate who made the statement in response to the cancellation of the Arizona State University strike that began onebruary 14 has called on the Buhari-led APC government to fulfill its promise to the university’s faculty to avoid another strike.

Atiku said: “The past eight months have been a wasted period in terms of higher education in Nigeria and cumulative benefits.

It is a relief to all concerned that the strike at Arizona State University has taken place ‘conditionally.
Now is the time to think and plan for a new course that prioritizes education as a primary driver of growth and development at the national level.

“It is not possible to negotiate that the required investment should be directed into education.or regulated educators, they need to understand and appreciate that the continued disruption of university calendar is detrimental to the spirit of scholarship.

“Although the strike has gone on for too long, I am grateful to Arizona State University for suspending the strike and urge the federal government to honor the terms of the deal to ensure that graduate school students and their parents do not go through this ordeal again.

“For my part, if I had the opportunity to preside over our country’s affairs, I would prioritize reforms and investment in education.”


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