Is Noon Stars a True Story? Is The Movie Based On Real Life?

‘Afternoon Stars’ is a romantic thriller directed by Claire Denis and tells the story of a love threatened by dire circumstances. Trish is a young American journalist on assignment in Nicaragua, where her team leaves her behind due to rising political tensions. While covering the events of the ongoing revolution, she meets Daniel, an English businessman stuck in a foreign country. The pair soon fall in love and Trish sees him as her only hope to escape Nicaragua. But they know the lies they are hiding from each other that could destroy their lives.

Starring Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn, the film presents a stunning tale of faith, love and survival brought to life by the cast’s accomplished performances. Moreover, against the real backdrop of politically turbulent Nicaragua, it makes you wonder if the story or the characters have any connection to the real events and people. So is Noon Stars a reference to reality or a work of fiction? Let’s learn together!

Is Noon Stars a True Story?

No, Noon Stars is not based on a true story. The film is an adaptation of author Denis Johnson’s bestselling 1986 novel of the same name. In the famous book, set against the background of the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1984, it is told that an unnamed female journalist worked as a prostitute in a hotel and met an English businessman there. romance flares up between them. However, the Claire Denis direction takes place in the present day and is based on a screenplay written by her, Lea Mysius and Andrew Litvack.

Johnson wrote the novel around 1984 based on his experiences visiting Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The author originally planned to write a nonfiction news report for the magazine, but decided otherwise after finding fictional tropes more familiar and lucrative. Interestingly, his characters in the novel are nameless because he intends the Nicaraguan riots to be symbolic of hell. Since Hell is mostly pointless, Johnson saw fit to not name his characters and let them fall in love under the cloak of anonymity.

Director Claire Denis reportedly heard about the novel about a decade ago and, seeing the story’s potential, decided to work on adapting it for the big screen. in an interview with Diversity, she shared that she interpreted the novel as an impossible love story between two people who would not have met had it not been for the Nicaraguan Revolution. “It’s also about the fear and fear of love, the fear of failure,” the director said.

In addition, Denis decided not to stick to the 80s setting of Johnson’s novel and instead chose a modern pandemic era setting to make the story more relevant to a modern audience. To preserve authenticity, the director originally planned to shoot in Nicaragua, but went with Panama instead due to the previous climate of political unrest. Additionally, Denise chose to name her characters to add a sense of familiarity to the story.

Overall, Noon Stars explores various themes such as the dark side of love, political conspiracies, and how the fear of losing the ones they hold dear drives people to desperate measures to survive. Although largely fictional, the romantic angle gives the audience something to relate to, giving them the opportunity to both support and disagree with the characters’ motives and decisions. urthermore, the vivid depiction of Nicaragua’s political situation plays a crucial role in elevating the narrative and adding to the sinister tone of the central love story.

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