Dahmer is the second most watched English series in Netflix history

Dahmer-Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer’s story has broken records since its premiere on September 21, 2022. The limited series provided a close look at the horrific crimes committed by the “Milwaukee Cannibal” who sexually abused, murdered and dismembered 17 innocent men and boys, most of them people of color. Despite being condemned by the families of the victims, “Monster” became the second most-watched series on Netflix after Stranger Things.

Dahmer exceeds half a billion hours watched…

The new ten-episode Netflix series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has revived viewers’ memories as it offers a closer look into Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrific crimes. Despite facing criticism from many families of victims who were brutally murdered and dismembered by the “Milwaukee monster,” Dahmer managed to secure number one on Netflix for weeks.

The latest Netflix data reveals that the limited series has secured 701.37 million watch hours, making it “the second most-watched English Netflix series of all time, and the fourth highest-grossing series across any language”. According to data measured over the first 28 days since its release on September 21, 2022, here’s what the numbers indicate when compared to offerings across any language:

  1. Squid Season 1 – 1.65 billion hours
  2. Stranger Things Season 4 – 1.35 billion hours
  3. Money Heist Season 5 – 792.23 million hours
  4. Dahmer – 701.37 million hours
  5. Bridgeton Season 2 – 656.25 million hours

The Ryan Murphy-produced series brought in 205.33 million hours of views in its third week of availability. However, the latest data shows that the numbers jumped to 701.37 million watch hours. YI, Stranger Thing Season 4 brought in 1.35 billion hours of views in the first months. So, yes, it still went on to secure the number one spot followed by Dahmer.

The series, in which Evan Peters portrayed Jeffrey Dahmer, reveals the brutal crimes of the serial killer, his conviction in 1992 after he sexually assaulted, murdered and killed about 17 innocent men and boys. Before his arrest, investigators found a total of seven skulls (painted and bleached), a human heart, a portion of arm muscles, a complete torso, and several human organs that he meticulously preserved using his expertise as a medical specialist.

However, Jeffrey only managed to spend three years in prison because he was murdered in prison in 1994 by his colleague Christopher Scarver. After his death, Jeffrey Joycelint’s mother wanted to donate the serial killer’s brain to science because she wanted it studied to assess whether there was a medical condition for his behavior. On the other hand, Lionel wanted her to be cremated along with the rest of his remains.

All about criticism against Dahmer…

“The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” may be a huge hit, but the limited series has been condemned by most of the families of the victims who were brutally murdered at the hands of Jeffrey.

For example, Shirley Hughes, mother of one of Dahmer’s victims, Tony Hughes, recently criticized the show for its exploitative approach to the Dahmer murders: “I don’t see how they could do that. I don’t see how they could use our names and get things like that out there.” She also recounted that her son’s murder did not happen in the same way that it was portrayed in the series.

After the series was released, a Twitter user named Eric, cousin of Rita Espel, tweeted a response to the show, saying, “I don’t tell anyone what they’re watching, I know the real criminal media is huge. [right now], but if you really care about the victims, my family is pissed off at this show. She gets shocked time after time, and why? How many films/shows/documentaries do we need? “

He added that his cousin wakes up every few months at this point with a bunch of calls and messages and they know there’s another Dahmer show. It’s harsh. Regardless, Rita Espel, sister of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim #11, Errol Lindsey, referred to Netflix as “greedy.” She even revealed that she didn’t have to watch the show because she actually experienced it all. But then again, the show was a success. Huge and kept climbing the chart in terms of views.

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