Yankos stresses what G2 must do to advance out of groups at Worlds 2022

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After losing a dinar the games And DWG KIA and G2 Esports are 1-2 in Group B for 2022 league of legends World Championship. Despite the slow start, Polish jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski believes his team can come out of the groups, and has indicated what they need to do to achieve that goal.

The player said that G2 needed to improve every element of their gameplay “a little bit”, and once they did, they should be able to advance to the knockout stage.

“Our descriptive reading is actually pretty good…we have to go ahead individually as a team a little bit,” Yankos said in an interview with Corizon. “We still make, we make some mistakes during the lane phase, we make mistakes even during team decisions… but if we can improve our game overall by five, 10 per cent and we can move forward with similar game plans onriday… surely we can.” , you know, to make it out of the groups.”

Before the tournament began, many questioned the chances of G2 and other European teams against eastern competition. But while the MAD Lions are out of play, G2, Rogue andnatic are 6-3 in the main event.

Yankos explained that the LEC teams are not “weak” and are playing well under the pressure that the world stage brings.

“I feel like we’re going up a lot while under pressure, so it’s definitely possible for us, you know, to go even further,” he said. “Besides MAD, we have good teams and we can definitely start matches in the BO1s against the best teams from Asia as you know.”

The 2022 World Championship will continue tomorrow, while G2 and Jankos will return to play onriday, October 14.