Tinder users are complaining that their accounts are being banned for ‘no reason’

A number of Tinder users have taken to Twitter to complain that their accounts have been banned on the app “for no reason”.

The dating app has gained immense popularity over the years to help people find love and more. However, users need to comply with the rules and regulations in order to keep their profiles active.

The app seems to be facing a hiccup in 2022 and hasn’t gone well. So, let’s see what Tinder users have to say about the difficulty they are facing as we explore the possible reasons for account bans.

Tinder accounts got ‘banned for no reason’
On Tuesday, October 11, Twitter was suddenly filled with posts from Tinder users as they tried to figure out why they couldn’t access the dating app.

As many have noted, their accounts have been “banned for no reason”.

Although Tinder did not address the issue, some have noticed that their accounts have been suspended when the app has just been downloaded. Others claim that it happened when they were swiping left and right in search of a desirable match.

jawwby has reached out to Tinder for comment on the issue but we have yet to receive a response.

Users are not happy about the problem
Tinder users are getting annoyed for obvious reasons that their default date with someone they really like was interrupted and they couldn’t understand why.

Someone tweeted: “I got banned from Tinder for no reason, just because I was talking to this really cool guy”

Adding to the above tweet, another said, “Cancel my ban because you blocked me for no reason, hon.”

A third user wrote: “I could find the love of my life on Tinder, but you blocked me.or no reason.”

“Glad to see I’m not the only one who got banned for no reason and no explanation,” another tweet read.

Possible reasons for ban
According to Tinder, accounts that violate our terms of use or community guidelines are subject to ban.

“It is important to us that Tinder is a welcoming and safe place for everyone and we do not take violations of our policies lightly. If you are banned, you will no longer be able to access your Tinder account or create new accounts in the future,” the site explains.

Tinder blocks an account that contains content that could be considered offensive. This includes nudity, harassment, violence, physical harm, hate speech, spam, scams, and underage users, among others. You can find full details here.

If you have complied with the above instructions and yet your account has been banned, there may be a possible glitch at the end of the app which may take some time to fix.