The scary James One doll creates the perfect villain in ‘M3GAN’

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you made yourself that imaginary friend sit by your side 24/7?! Most of us had an idea growing up about having a friend who would protect you like a parent and never make you feel lonely.

Well, as they say, this only happens in the movies. James Wan has made that dream a reality, bringing a ridiculous and impressive horror drama led by a terrifying villain in the form of a robot toy.

Yes, James Wan has a thing for toys especially “dolls”. The upcoming horror feature is receiving mixed responses but most people are curious about the concept as Wan promises a complete thriller experience with a concept never seen before.

As the world slowly takes hold of artificial intelligence and its capabilities, the latest movie “M3GAN” is leading its way as one of the most anticipated projects of sci-fi horrors this year.

Around April, James Wan gave us the scary poster for the upcoming movie that glorifies the human-like character who will be the star of that movie.

The movie released its much awaited trailer and you shouldn’t miss this one before the scary doll arrives at your doorstep to make you watch it at gunpoint.

The scary James One doll creates the perfect villain in M3GAN

The writer and director famous for serving audiences is known for great horror films that not only prove horrific, but engage audiences in the villain’s origin story as well.

James Wan is best known for bringing us some great movies including, Insidious, Annabelle, and The Conjuring. Wan is known for doing more than just scaring the crowd with spooky ghosts, possessed dolls, and demonic entities.

He also makes sure to weave compelling central characters into all of his novels that fans are eager to return for several sequels after watching the original movie.

The upcoming horror feature has reached horror heads who have been waiting for some mind-boggling and spine-chilling horror for years.

Bringing back memories of Annabelle who gave us some sleepless nights will now be replaced by this weird AI doll that doesn’t refuse an answer.

Trailer featuring a beautiful friendship that turns into a high-altitude journey

The M3GAN exclusive has just arrived and it has been revealed that this is the latest anti-robot software created by James Wan in a new sci-fi horror movie.

The protagonist of the film is a robotic engineer who uses artificial intelligence to build a lifelike doll to be the ultimate companion for children.

Having dealt with her niece Cady without knowing much about her, Gemma has a hard time getting any parenting advice and relies a lot on the M3GAN prototype.

This is not going well and you know that the robotic doll has powers beyond its own mechanisms and can be dangerous to everyone around it.

When is it launched?

The next horror featuring a scary AI doll is set to be released in theaters on January 13, 2023.